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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dragon's Secret War Against American "Goyim"

This article (link below) from Veterans Today pretty well sums up the world/spiritual situation as things stand right now. I agree with much of the article, not all - and definitely not the section on the "Tall White Nordic ET's", who I firmly believe are being portrayed as the 'good ETs' but are in fact just as bad as the 'Dracos.' This would be consistent with their eternal "Divide and Conquer" strategy to deceive and rule the world through the good ET/bad ET scenarios. There are no ET's - these are demonic entities, the offspring and hybrids of the FA (fallen angels).

If you do not have at least a fair understanding of these things, skip it. You won't understand the article. If possible, though, do read it. After years of research into these matters, I think he does a decent job of explaining where we are now - not perfect, but decent. Hardly anyone is aware of the Jewish situation, much less the use of the term "Zionist," which has various meanings depending on which group is using it. That is unfortunate and makes discussion difficult. Keep that in mind as you read; don't get hung up on the term. It's only a label, and one with little consensus. Try to see the larger picture. It may be helpful to understand that the Jewish political leaders are evil, just as U.S. leaders are evil - both are the seed of Satan (literally), and many are the Synagogue of Satan. Both country's citizens are victims of their demonic governments.

I particularly agree with the very last paragraph concerning the Chrstian view.

Here is the link.

Things from the heavenlies will begin moving very quickly now. Knowledge is power. Spiritual knowledge is spiritual power. Knowledge of Jesus Christ is eternal life. In the latter case there is nothing to fear.

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