James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Francis, Jesuits, Vatican and Catholic Church Being Tried For CHILD GENOCIDE


I always hate it when I'm on the same side as the Dark. However, as God hones in on the end of the age and uses the Dark players to bring his intentions to fruition .. well, that's going to be happening more often. It's critical in these times that we know and understand the will of the LORD - and make our stand squarely with His intentions. Too often we are in danger of praying against God's will, and for what we personally desire to happen. These days it's critical that we seek His Will, and back His side. Since the entire Roman religious regime (Mystery Babylon, IMO) is prophesied to come to ruin, it seems clear that this harlot machine is intended to be brought down, and eventually, its counterpart, the apostate Protestant church harlot will follow suit. 

But first, Satan plans to use these institutions for his own purposes through deception and counterfeit of course. They are fit vessels, perfect cutouts, for the new antichrist church. Everything is in place, with infrastructure, money, religiousity and PEOPLE! Just drop in a few Luciferian essentials, another 'Jesus', a counterfeit false prophet, many signs and wonders, and mix. 

The old evil leaders must be brought down, and it must be made to look as though the Church will be reformed and these wicked leaders replaced. By whom, you ask? By Satan's players who are standing in the wings ready to play their most important roles: to bring the Church back to love, peace, purity - and above all - UNITY (stir in the bulk of the evil Protestant Harlot Church). When all are brought under the umbrella of unity - then they will marshall all of their mighty force, including "Joel's Army", against .... US. The true church (as long as we are still here).

Or some version of the above. Since things have consistently gone stunningly bad for the Other Team, if that continues the plan may be altered here and there with rehabilitations or other deceptions. But as of now this is looking like the way it's going down.  (Do you suppose the ridiculous and cruel hulabaloo about Flight #370 is to detract our attention from this and many other things?)

First, DAHBOO's excellent and concise report (4 min):

Second, Kevin Annett: Brussels child genocide trial will disestablish Pope Francis, Jesuits, Vatican, and Roman Catholic Church (30 min)