James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Believe It Or Not - It's Happening Again

Who is to blame for what has happened to this earth and its people?

They are not human. They feed off the human energy of FEAR, and they control the planet through a network of leaders who rule the world - from the top of the pyramid. We are way down at the bottom, where hardly anyone knows or understands what I am about to tell you. Those at the top of the pyramid work through the secret societies - through those leaders at the tops of those societies. Each layer down knows less; when you get to the bottom no one knows anything of the truth of the society’s real purpose. (Freemasonry is one example).

Those at the top of the world pyramid of power are the ‘bloodlines.’ The true rulers of the world – Satan, his fallen angels and demonic entities - cannot enter and live in our reality as a rule, so they work through the bloodlines, who are hybrids – part human/part demon, both energetically and frequency-wise.  They share their DNA and literally ‘possess’ these people, control them from the inside. They can therefore communicate with and control these world ‘rulers’ who then control the common folk (us).

So, yes, the Cabal does rule, and the identity of the Cabal is Satan and his hierarchy, the true cabal rulers whose bloodlines go back to some early time of the descendants of Adam and Eve. These were the ‘giants,’ the ‘men of renown’ talked about in the Old Testament. This is why the world was destroyed by a flood, saving only Noah and his family and certain animals – because Noah and family were ‘perfect in their generations’ – still pure – made in the image of God. All the rest of humanity had been contaminated with trans humanism – Satan’s early DNA manipulation program which produced the Nephilim, Anakim, etc. This is the very reason God insisted the Israelites kill every man, woman and child in Canaan and other places … to rid the earth of this unholy and freakish hybrid program of Lucifer, which extended to the animal kingdom also. (You will be seeing all kinds of giants, odd creatures, etc. showing up archaeologically – it has already started.)

The Bible is very clear on all of this. I’ve understood it since I read it as a young child. Fortunately, I always knew that the Bible was to be taken literally, except when it specifically explained otherwise. Every Christian would have knowledge of this if the seminaries had not been completely contaminated from the top down, producing individuals who were deceived. Thus, the great falling away we have witnessed in the past half century. You won't find 5% of Christians who understand the Bible ... or even read it these days. If they do read it, it's a contaminated version which changes key doctrines - compliments of the "Christian" publishing houses, all now owned by Satan's minions at the top of the pyramid.

After the flood the Bible says specifically that they appeared again on the earth: “and after that.” It began again in Babel. Nimrod “began to become a mighty one” (KJV) signifies that the old satanic program had started up again and he was a hybrid – partially one of ‘them’. This is an entire study in itself, showing how each of the different cultures named the same ‘god-man’ by a different name, and all of this led to the god 'myths' – the Sumerian gods, the Babylonian gods, the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses - but they weren't myths. Peter Goodgame at is a good resource for this. There are others.

These Blue Bloods – those who consider themselves ‘the rulers of the world’- are the descendants of Nimrod, truly children of Satan. Their blood is actually different than ours. Their DNA is different. They do not get their positions of power and politics by vote or accident. They are manipulated into these power positions and it is planned well in advance. These are the ‘front men’ and women for Satan’s hierarchy of earthly rulers. They are truly his children and they love to trace their ancestry and lineage, with the satanic goal of owning Jerusalem, God’s own city. This is why they so desperately try to phony up an ancestry through Jesus. Who is the one who really wants Jerusalem? Satan, of course.

These earthly rulers actually do worship Lucifer/Satan. Politics, banking, religion, secret societies, corporations, pedophilia rings, military, media, the Rothschild ‘synagogue of Satan’ rulers – all of these look directly to, and are governed directly by, Satan, who they worship through rituals, bloodshed (and abortion), and a variety of avenues which he requires of them. The upshot of this is that the world, while seemingly run by these bloodlines (Queen Elizabeth, for example), is actually being run by Lucifer/Satan. This is exactly as it has been since it all started 6,000 or so years ago. Satan truly is the ‘god of this world’ just as the Bible tells us.

Now this is how it affects you (aside from the new crop of DNA hybrids, the animal/human tinkering, the brain/computer combos, the robotic cops and soldiers, and the trans humanism being done right now and for the past 15-25 years or more).

They not only rule the entire world, but they determine the perception of its people through the media, movies, culture, politics, etc. Your perception is deception.

Secret societies, religion and Satanism. These people understand who they worship: ‘the gods.’ Those at the tops of the secret societies understand, as do those at the tops of the religious bureaucracies. As you go down the levels of the pyramids of the societies and religion, you know less and less, until at the bottom you really know nothing. And they lie to you at every level if you are moving up. More deception, one tiny twisted step at a time. The clueless people at the bottom, however, are providing ENERGY to the satanic top through their worship, rituals, etc. The hierarchy dictates the beliefs of the religion, but ultimately you are worshipping Satan without knowing it – through your energy and rituals. This Is why Jesus was so hostile toward the traditions of men – the traditional religious bureaucracy, “your father, the devil.” And this is why true Christians emphasize that it is not a religion, but a RELATIONSHIP between the individual and Jesus Christ, who, by the way, is your only hope. Stick with the King James Bible and read it. God's Word is the only measure of truth in this world. Follow IT. Get to know HIM.

This pyramid principle also applies to politics, banking, sports, everything. This is why the evil half time entertainment at the games, etc., provide tremendous energy to Satan.

Many politicians do not realize this, at the bottom. As they begin to rise, they know something is very wrong. This is the key: both parties answer to the same FORCES. The party makes no difference; they all follow the same agenda. No matter who you vote for, the same agenda goes forward without stop. They are all answering to the same agenda dictated at the top – and Satan’s favorite, and very effective, strategy is Divide and Conquer. Set two sides in opposition to each other – and control both. This ploy runs throughout every system in the world.

The money and financial system is headed by the Rothschilds, who knowingly and openly worship Lucifer. They exchange ‘credit’ for actual wealth, thereby collecting it all themselves. And the politicians have aided and abetted this system because they’re both ruled by the top.

The media. Same thing. Disinformation, misinformation, biased information. All leading the public to PERCEIVE what is actually a lie – deception. It provides you with a worldview that is absolutely and completely false. Mind control. This is why they refer to you as sheeple. Why do you think they call it ‘programming’?

Going a step further, they decided to start with the children. Education. Same thing. ADHD: let’s see if we can bombard them with ‘cures’ and fill their minds with exactly what they want you to believe.  The entire system has control of them five days a week.

All roads lead to Satan. This has been going on for thousands of years. You are a technologically controlled computer program – manipulated on every level.

The Rothschilds and their form of Zionism is one of the most misunderstood expressions, and belief systems, in existence today, another deception. It goes beyond the public understanding of a belief in the Jewish homeland, and is a secret society that worships Lucifer. It’s too large a subject to tackle here. Suffice it to say that the Rothschild “Zionists” are controlling the Jewish State, while they make up less than 2% of the actual Jewish people. Almost none of the Jews understand this. 

This strange hybrid of Zionism has fostered the hatred for the term itself. Most people do not comprehend these two types of Zionism – one being a secret society consisting of 2% or less of the total Jewish population of the world, but rule everything to do with Israel. And with the banks and money systems of the world – including America.  Bernanke, Yellin, Greenspan … all part of the Rothschild’s Zionist system, who have controlled the FED, and thereby the world finance system.  They give the real Jews a bad name and cause the world to hate them. Geitner, Albright,  Bernstein, Mary Shapiro, Sheila Blair, Karen Mills, Larry Summers. And let’s not forget Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod - all coming from a fraction of the real Jews. This group (and many of the Jewish ‘front’ groups) has planned and controlled the entire transfer of world wealth to the corporations and in the process bloodied the reputation of the authentic Jewish people. There is much more to this story.

Then there is Big Pharma, the medical community, and all of the Corporations. They have been given more power than the governments and are in the same secret societies and governed by Satan.

This is how the world is controlled by a few conspirators. The EU, the trade agreements, corporations, big business, media, education, religion, food, water, medicine, doctors. Are you beginning to understand? All decision making is centralized in the various divisions of society’s leaders – at the top of the pyramid. This, my friend, is globalization – and how it is achieved. Put trans humanism (hybrids) and the police state umbrella over this system, and there is truly no hope for the future.

All roads lead to Satan. Fast track to the abyss.

And the last card? It will be, just as Bible prophecy tells us (thousands of years in advance) with perfect accuracy – a Grand Peacemaker with a Grand Plan to deliver the world from all of this evil tyranny.

He’s waiting in the wings! At last! Peace! Unity! What a relief! Finally, someone with a solution! And that Someone is …

The Antichrist ... and his ‘signs and wonders’ guy. And the tragic part is ….

The people will buy it.

Be the exception. Jesus is standing at the door of your heart ... knocking. But not for long. Answer that door and ask Him in. Your hope is in a real relationship with the Creator of the Cosmos. Jesus Christ. He can, and will, deliver you if you ask.