James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are You Really a Christian?

If so ... Are you aware that the fiercest war in the history of the Cosmos is at fever pitch right now? It is more real than a physical war. It's the real thing, spiritual. And the outcome is eternal.
THIS IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT …. Should you choose to accept it.

You live in the most extraordinary time in all of history. 

You have been called to put yourself completely under God’s authority because He has placed you in this place at this time for a specific purpose for which He created you. 

You cannot fulfill that purpose unless you make it the single most important driving force in your life. You have very little time, especially if you are not really ready and up to the task.

What is the task? 

Your task is to know the Bible so well that the right verses immediately come to mind when you need them to do your job. Your job is to bring as many people into the Kingdom as possible because this is the last hour. Uppermost in your mind during every waking hour should be witnessing, offering HOPE to the otherwise eternally lost and dying. Your job is also to affirm and build up your fellow Christians so that they, too, comprehend why they are here, and to what purpose.

In order to accomplish the above, it will be imperative that you access the POWER and AUTHORITY which you have in Jesus Christ. You will be required to REBUKE the dark side and the evil and sin which has overtaken this world.

What is your prayer life like?

You must set aside a time EVERY SINGLE MORNING - at least an hour - to spend with the Lord. If you are not willing to devote 1/24th of your day to your Creator and Savior, you are not fit for the task.  You need to PRAY, to seriously pray for God's Will (not your wlll) in everything you do. And you must not only talk to Him. You need to LISTEN to what He has to tell you, because you will read His Word during that hour, and He will speak to you through His Word.

As a result of at least an hour with the Lord each morning you will be placing accessible Biblical truth IN you ... and OPERATIVE throughout your day. This will give you DISCERNMENT ... POWER ... AUTHORITY.

You will do this every single day - with purpose, with commitment, with obedience and devotion, with love and with determination. Nothing can be more important. You must take it SERIOUSLY. Refuse to allow anything to interfere with this priority. 

No more excuses. The stakes are too high. 

God has chosen you of all the people in history ... for his specific purpose in this last day.

Jesus came to earth deliberately in order to die for your sins. Now he is resurrected, sitting at the right hand of the Father at this moment, preparing to act upon his legal right to execute judgment on the fallen angels (some of whom are here right now), and on the wickedness of this planet, to close the times of the Gentiles, and then to exercise Israel's tribulation (the 'time of Jacob's trouble') in order to bring those of the Jewish remnant to their knees, so that they can finally recognize their Messiah, and then to set up his kingdom - the House of David - in Jerusalem and rule on earth. This is his eternal plan. 

Are you a real Christian? Ask the Holy Spirit to help and guide you. HE WILL.

Can you do this for Jesus? 

All of heaven is waiting in the wings ...  watching to see what you will do.