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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nibiru (Planet X) Seen With Naked Eye

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6 minute video - I don't really understand some of his scientific comments, and I dislike putting things up like that ... I don't know this guy ... but one thing I clearly understand. Nibiru is near and visible, and it is God who is bringing it or allowing it. As I have always said, I believe this object will be involved with the Rapture - and much more as the Tribulation progresses.

I'm not sure whether he believes Christ is imminent or just 'down the road' but we clearly know that the Second Coming is several years away, because much prophecy must be fulfilled before that event, so please take his commentary with this fact in mind. No one has all the answers. 

One thing is certain. The Antichrist and his beings will be here before Jesus' 2nd Coming, and the Antichrist wants humanity to believe that he is Christ. Never forget that. This will be a great deception.

Nibiru Position 01 28 2014 Naked Eye