James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Naming Names of Purveyors Of False Doctrne

Any Christian who runs across false teaching and false doctrine is obligated to point out who is doing it. How else will the people who are being taught and deceived, know?

Pretty elementary.  It does no good to spot unbiblical teaching and doctrine and to then remain silent about it.  Those ministries, watchmen, blogs and the like which are primarily engaged in defending the faith taught in the Bible would have their hands completely tied if they remained silent about who is doing this misleading. They might as well shut down completely.

The Lord has assigned a variety of kingdom tasks to be carried out prior to His return, and we need to take care to think through and respect the ministries which may differ from our own. It can be quite discouraging to be 'called on the carpet' by those who have quite different callings than our own. It's bad enough to be thwarted by the Enemy, without being called out by our own brethren. This is a time when Christians need to be very cautious before doing so. It's a time when we all need all the encouragement we can get.

Throughout the entire Old and New Testaments, God's true followers never hesitated to point out the individuals and organizations that were teaching false doctrine, twisting truth, cohorting with demons and such. In fact, this is a major activity and theme that runs through the entirety of Scripture.  

We are warned that particularly in the latter days false doctrine, false teaching, false prophets and false signs and wonders would be the major phenomena calling for our awareness and alertness. 

In fact, the Lord will call us personally and individually to account for not pointing out the churches and teachers who are misleading people if He has called us to do it. We will suffer loss for not naming names and warning people about these things. Many victims have been pulled out of the fire when they were told the truth of the Gospel.

Surely we all know that the Jesuits and others like them have been designated by Satan to do this false work, and many Christians have been martyrs because they dared to point it out. They not only infiltrated (and have now taken over) the Catholic Church, but over 150 years ago they began infiltrating all the Protestant churches and publishing houses in their 'counter-reformation' and the result is that almost every denomination has leaders at the top who have been involved in this dark endeavor. This is one reason we have so many false Bible versions; that has been part of the attempt to water down and change God's Word, and it has worked beautifully. Almost every single "Christian" publishing house is now owned by those who run the new world order.

Worse yet, a huge percentage of these churches and individuals are in - or about to be in - the new world false religion.

I will not be silent. I will continue to name names and continue down the lonely and disheartening path of not only being hated by the Dark Side, but chided by some in the Christian world as well. Okay, we will stay in our own little corners.

I believe we will be vindicated by the King Himself.