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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Critical Interview With "Michael"- ISON, PX System, Object Incoming ...

Are we entertaining angels ... unaware?   That was my first thought when I heard BPEarthWatch interviewing this person named "Michael." No last name available. I have tried several approaches to find out who Michael is, and can find out nothing. I can only assume this is for his safety. The nature of his information, both scientific and spiritual,  is expert and 'inside.'  

The video interview was four hours long, and I transcribed it to the best of my ability (only the parts where Michael is speaking). While I seriously doubt that this is a heavenly being, don't discount it. The earth is constantly in touch with fallen angels and millions of their offspring at this very moment. The Bible tells us that heavenly beings are also involved on earth in these times.  The big problem we have - and he mentions it, too - is that Christians are not taking these end times and their Bibles seriously. They don't read it enough to know what it really says ... and if they do read it they don't BELIEVE what it says, to their great detriment. They will suffer loss for this lack of taking God's Word seriously. We are in the last days, and the presence of the Holy Spirit - in the United States in particular (due to the number of Christians) - is the ONLY factor keeping Satan from an all-out attack at this very moment.

NOTE: The first part is science and technology; then it goes more into my favorite part, Satan and Christians, spiritual warfare. FASCINATING.
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TRANSCRIPT OF MICHAEL - Interviewed by BPEarthWatch. Week of 1/13/14 - 1/17/14

The MAGNETIC object (coming in from Earth's south) is not alone….it has changed something within the ancient energy devices that people and nations are fighting over and also with the objects orbiting the earth...not the orbits themselves; the magnetics have been increasing. The energy emissions have been increasing for the past four years and keeps increasing as the object comes closer to earth. Earth's shields are weaker.  The recent CME didn’t seem to be that strong.

Earth's magnetosphere is dissolving, dissipating .. collapsing, due to slower speed (RPMs) of the earth's core. It is getting slower every day. Sun controls all of this. Earth’s shields are weakening. This is not a good scenario.

The world's nations know there are Other Powers, know we are controlled by outside powers (fallen angels) - Many of the nations have been intimate with these same powers  (and have worshipped them) for centuries - and are preparing as well as possible for what is coming; however, there is not too much they can do about coming events. 

In a 1980 computer model study these signs were shown to occur as the event draws nigh: first, birds (which are highly susceptible to magnetic and energy changes in magnetosphere) would die in large numbers; then fish dying, ocean life, extreme weather, changes in sky colors. The earth's ley lines more electrically active than the rest of the earth; there are lots of dead animals near ley lines. At some point we will see high energy transfers from planet to planet, and eventually very high energy transfers to and from earth, too.

Earth is moving into electrical overload situation.  How long can our grid stand this? Another Carrington event probable. Pyramids, obelisks in the ancient ruins, etc are energy devices for the satanic angels' purposes and are beginning to be activated. They are kept guarded. Some of what people believe are stones, too, are actually devices. They could be compared to a transistor being taken out of a circuit board and then left on the ground somewhere. They aren’t sure where they go. They know what these ancient technologies do; the problem is they can’t harness the energy source that activates them. And it just so happens that this external energy is beginning to activate these things and these beings will time everything just right to harness what they need in order to accomplish what they need to accomplish with the dimensions (opening them).

He can’t give a timetable, but can tell what to look for. Sunset – all different colors will be one of the predominate signs right before the large energy transfers. We will see signs before that, like high winds, abrupt storms. More lightning storms 10 - 100 times more powerful than we’ve ever experienced in the past, but when the energy gets at a tipping point, the skies will become very charged, causing very beautiful colors to sway through the sky - purples, greens, reds.  At that point you will know we are there – at the tipping point. There will be high level electrical transfers to/from earth at some point. How can our grid handle that?

In 1972, 1980 and 1983  when they discovered several (8?) large heavenly bodies, the greater half of them did not seem to follow any kind of physics. In other words, they were taking their OWN routes through the heavens; this is why no calculations can be made or timeline estimates. You have to look for the signs in the earth to determine anything. The solar system is becoming unstable and random. They have also found stars doing their own things. There is no mathematical pattern, such as has been the case with ISON etal. in our solar system right now.

Back in June of 2012 we saw the largest gamma ray ever recorded. Earth directed.  Question asked Michael: Do you see any correlation between that event and these magnetic objects coming in from the south toward earth or the energy involved? Answer: One of them in particular, it would appear, was affected regarding its movement. But just with one object. The rest just ignored it. With one object there appeared to be some trajectory changes.

Gamma rays are deadly, but the energy from a gamma ray can be very useful in many different fields of study. I find it very curious that this gamma ray was EARTH DIRECTED, and I also find curious that around that same time these objects began to alter. Our position in the solar system is … we won’t be in this position for a very long time. Far beyond our lifetimes. But our position, and what is coming up to our south, and other variables that you add in, for a gamma ray burst to kind of mingle with that timing in these situations…I found that extremely odd indeed.

Anthony (another guest) says his book, a novel, uses a gamma ray burst to open a portal, and although it’s a work of fiction, it’s fascinating that he was led to this idea at this time.(His website and book are at:

Michael says the energy that can be harnessed from a gamma ray is enormous. And if that were the fact, then that energy could have been captured to be used at a later time, or at a specific moment in time (to open a portal). Or, it could have accomplished whatever it was sent out to do. Earth and the bodies around it can act like a very large capacitor, storing energy up, and it only takes the proper circuitry to release that energy. Now that we have more objects coming into the solar system, it would appear that one of these objects, or the magnetic object in particular, could in fact be that key [to open the dimensions]– and things may be timed around it.

And, they do know the timing (of certain heavenly events). The MIC (Military/Industrial Complex) physics are different from public physics. And it takes an individual to do his or her own research to work through their own set of numbers and run simulations, etc. to find out that they’ve been led down the wrong path.  Some of the possibilities in the theorized summaries in their (MIC) physics don’t stand up. However, not everybody has studied enough to find that out. So they perpetuate things so that people think a portion of science is impossible, but I assure you that the MIC science is not (impossible). In fact they use things all the time that the general population deems impossible.

BP: They would detect a gamma ray burst before it happens, so they would have had to know about it beforehand, and could have had the machines ready to pick this energy up.

A: Let’s go back to the conference which was taking place in Denver. Just the location itself raises a lot of flags, but during the conference they already had most of their instruments – their satellites and ground based instruments - pointed at it before the burst even emanated from the black hole. That alone tells you that they knew this was going to take place. Due to the buildup of energy within the black hole.

Michael: Yes, they did.  If you were going to tap into an energy source, that would be the strongest one you could get (the gamma ray). A capacitor can store whatever goes into it. That’s the job of a capacitor, to store and release it depending on whatever the circuitry is. If we (Earth) are essentially a huge capacitor, then whatever energies they wanted to store, they got it with that one gamma ray. They’re JUST WAITING WITH THE KEY [to the pit]. A gamma ray is extremely powerful, and it was the largest one ever recorded. It could provide energy for everyone forever.

Just to make it simple, they’ve turned earth into an electronic component which goes with the rest of their technology, that is both above the stratosphere, the atmosphere, and on the surface of the earth. And inside the earth. Now they have the perfect protective shield underneath the earth. In case something goes wrong.

…and we know that biblically, they will go hide themselves in the rocks and the dens and the caves. So they have their underground facilities prepared, ready, operational – and more every day YOU SEE PEOPLE MISSING FROM THE GOVERNMENT. And when you do see them on TV you’ll never see them in daylight. They don’t have tans, and it’s because they’re working underground. They’re not coming topside, and people will see that more and more.

Michael’s biggest concern is that people will have heart attacks when they see the things that are coming. Just as the Bible says. Once the pit is opened…ask yourself  - what would benefit Satan more, to kill a Christian or to have his soul – make the Christian turn against God – the LATTER is what he wants. He gains everything. This is what he is seeking: to turn Christians against Jesus Christ. God Himself. He wants to deplete the faith – to take away the hope. 

You will notice that In the nations where you see the most killing of Christians, they (the Christians) are in the minority. The US is in a different position, and creates a different problem for Lucifer.  That problem is THE HOLY SPIRIT. If you kill a Christian, the HS is still here (in other Christians). These people are steeped in witchcraft, they understand ‘dark sentences.’ If they can get the HS out of the way their devices and plans work better, and their powers can rise. Notice that the Beast doesn’t come into power on earth until the HS is gone! 

Their weapons WILL NOT WORK in the presence of a true believer right now.  A true believer has an energy  - and most Christians aren’t even aware that they have this energy – the Armor of God, which thwarts Satan’s weapons.  This is why Satan is so desperate to turn Christians away from their beliefs. Their faith. If they lose the HS, Satan then has power over them. The Bible clearly tells us there will be a departure from the faith. 

So their tactic is to remove God from everything so that people are numb and aren’t being fed.  They give out false dates like 12/21/12; that was a psyop. And it worked very well, because after that date passed, and nothing happened, people wanted to hear nothing more about dates OR about prophecy. They have done the same thing with ISON. By the over-hyping, and then the disappointment that followed,  now if we warn people about things coming in, they say “Oh, it’s just another ISON.” Not interested in things which fulfill prophecy! 

People say ‘things like this have been happening for years…’  These things DIDN’T happen in past times – this is prophecy being fulfilled. We have, for the first time in history, instant communication and news., which makes us much more aware than we were in times past. The Bible even says people will say “things have gone on like this from the beginning.” Bingo! Prophecy fulfilled.

ISON IS NOT FINISHED.  Those fragments will get caught in a gravitational pull and turn right around and head our way again. A lot of objects will get turned around and brought right into the inner solar system again.

When asked what field Michael is involved in, he says it's “not so much scientific. It’s … well, it’s hard to describe…let’s just say that in the latter half of my career I deal with very unusual things. Extremely unusual things.” 

One of the big tactics of Satan and his demonic entities and fallen angels is to stay HIDDEN.  They don’t want the world to know they exist because it would INCREASE THE FAITH OF THE CHRISTIANS.  They need a 'shock and awe' event, so they must hide what they are doing meanwhile.  There have been reports of meteors that have come near our satellites and space stations – and then they’ll turn around and go back. [They are fallen angels.] These have been videotaped, catalogued and stored with the DOD and other agencies. And they hide these things so that people can never understand that these fallen angels and their cohorts are absolutely real. Not only are they real – THEY CHANGE FORM and they also TRAVEL AROUND AS BALLS OF LIGHT – ORBS. …. Ever hear the term “Angel of light”? Ever hear the phrase “a thousand points of light”?  They can morph in form. 

In the cases of large scale sightings of UFO's – those are  95% ours – US Military. Some of the drones in Syria right now that people will begin to get video of, didn’t come from space. They are a mixture of international cooperation, technologies that make no noise – no sound at all. There is no need for the propulsion systems that the people are led to believe are necessary with current tech. Well, we’ve gone light years beyond conventional technology known to the public.

They found a device in India, two others in Afghanistan, several in Iraq – twice, because the second time they had to go back and find the energy source that powered the first device. This technology people do not believe exists. But if they read their Bibles they know – and if they knew true history – which WILL be announced, because it’s getting harder and harder to suppress archaeological finds due to the many independent archaeologists. One of the major duties of the NSA is to suppress these things.  Every single thing you do or say, electronically, has been captured and quantified in order to track where civilizations are headed. This is done every second of every day.  NSA tracks info that needs to be repressed so that these fallen entities can never be found out. They have TRANSCENDED DEVICES. 

(Discussion about Tritium... some particular (Wyatt 22?) raptors had some issues with tritium; it can make you sick and did happen a few times.) This all had to do with the ancient devices, Iraq, etc. [Note: This is the real reason we went into Iraq, and into the Iraqi Museum the very minute we landed there.] They find these old scripts – just like the one they found that said Marduk is going to open the gate. It named Marduk. These scripts did more than name him; they described his method of return – how he’s going to return, what it looks like, where he’s going to land, and how he’s going to open the gate. They’ll never let that out into the public. 

It’s mind blowing, but I’ll tell you this: it lines up perfectly with revelation. There’s no script the MIC is interested in that goes outside of the Bible. They have their own team that researches the Bible continuously. Because they know they cannot change prophecy, and it’s a window into the future. Unfortunately, they believe prophecy more than the Christians do because they’ve seen it unfold, and they’ve seen the evidence of the past – of what was here on earth. They know the power that comes with that prophecy, i.e., they know the entities that are coming back, they know what happens when the HS is gone, and every single one of them has been promised something, and this is why they work so hard. 

Most of the leaders been promised immortality. Those who haven’t been promised something have been threatened. Simply because they have to renounce Christ. You have to renounce Christ to be in certain factions. Some people who have never even accepted Christ are asked to renounce Him in an oath saying who they would follow.

So people need to know what they’re dealing with, but we have one good safety mechanism: if they are true to Christ, those devices cannot penetrate the HS – so they want people to renounce Christ because they cannot have full power with the HS here on earth. That’s why their plans have been less than successful and don’t work quite right, and they’re waiting on Marduk/Apollyon because he will open the gate.That’s an absolute. Half the technology on earth is associated with TAKING THE VEIL AWAY AND OPENING THE GATE – the veil that separates this dimension from the others (to the 5th Dimension). They want that GONE. They are going to take it away.

You know the 33 nuclear scientists who were just fired last week? They may have been forced to renounce Christ or be fired.

Those who are retiring have a very good reason for doing so. Because most of them are not going to renounce Christ. Some of them have renounced already. The ones who try to stay without renouncing will be discharged.

The only thing that’s saving our nation right now is that our military is effectively split. You have internal people who have put safeguards into their careers where they cannot be touched, and that’s why they can continue to talk. But there is also a split; no one is doing it alone. One side is loyal to the Dark Forces. NASA is also split. NORAD is much more than just a traffic monitoring organization. They monitor the entire solar system. That’s also why they track Santa – to put a good face and image on NORAD. Watch them on TV. They hate doing it, but they are ordered to. It’s good PR to make a Dark operation look good. Another psyop.

At least 90% of UFOs people see – such as the Phoenix incident – are US Military. We have technology that is far above anything people could imagine. Imagine an event took place tomorrow. And people bought the lie that aliens have come to meet humans. Instantly, a lot of people who are not rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ will throw away their Christianity because they can SEE these ‘crafts.’ ..."because I can touch and feel them, they'll believe they must be telling the truth'. And then you have a GREAT FALLING AWAY scenario. But prior to that event … they don’t want to scare everyone … but they certainly need to condition people with movies, TV, live sightings, etc. 

They’ve had a long time to work this out.They know the numbers.

This information above is in five videos here:

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I have only this to add: 

Don't get cocky about your faith. Satan knows from experience that many have renounced the faith - and will again. He is counting on that. Know the Bible backward and forward, understand that Bible prophecy is literal and here now, put on your spiritual protection, and ...

I am praying for you