James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Strong Delusion is Being Sent Right Now - Part II

"As a man thinketh, so is he."

Ultimately, it's about mind control.

The entire American society, and many others, are training grounds for the deeper control of our minds. TV, movies, sports, celebrities, materialism are all venues around which the entire populace has its mind wrapped. Demonic delusions aside, the minds of our people are completely controlled by the powers that control the world. They put forth a myriad of beliefs, and if people have no other input, this is the paradigm in which they exist. That paradigm is designed to prepare their minds to go on to the next step(s).

For instance, people are of one mind about how our government operates, who runs things, who caused such things as 9/11 and all the other 'terrorist' attacks, our purposes in going to war, and on and on. None of the presumptions we are fed about these things are true. Lies surround every one of them, but it has taken many researchers and a lot of hard work to open the eyes of the American people - and most of the citizens remain asleep. This dream state is the perfect preparation for the next steps in deeper mind control. It works beautifully.

For instance, our military leaders have for many years - and are now - using our soldiers from our own families as subjects of mind control, sleepers if you will. And these soldiers generally are not aware of this. It's the reason so many of our regular military come home with such problems as were never encountered in history. A trigger can set them off - because that is how they have been prepared for the scenario to come. Families continue to send their sons and daughters off to the military with pride and hope; this is based on a complete lack of knowledge of what the U.S. Antichrist Military is doing to our own. When people wake up it will be far too late. It's too late now.

Every one of our wars has been planned in advance, going back for almost 200 years. It's provable. WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, Korea, all these Middle East conflicts. All a part of One Big Plan. By guess who? Also a part of the plan was to take both parents out of the home through materialism. That's what happened to the '50s family. Mom went to work. Womens' Lib, don't you know? That was the worst thing to ever happen to women. I was there. Now they had TWO jobs, one at home. Then the national Department of Education was created. No more local schools. Now they had total control of your kids. Like the result of that? No thinking parent would ever turn their most precious gift - their child - over to the godless public 'schools.' Nor would they allow the child to receive some 75+ killer vaccines during the first couple of years of life. This is where autism came from. Proven fact.  Many times over. 

Mind control has our citizens convinced that we can still vote the 'right people' into office and everything can be turned around. There are no 'right people' and there haven't been any for years. Party loyalty is a tool of the devil to make you think there is a difference between the parties. For at least 50 years the same agenda has been pressed forward regardless of who is in control. That is by design. It is a Divide and Conquer game against the populace. And it has worked beautifully. Anyone you care to vote for will be a demonic entity. And they have just about completed their plan to bring it right down to the local level of politics. Ever hear of Agenda 21? Under any other name...

As a matter of fact it is the whole idea of "Back to the Constitution," Ron Paul (a Freemason) for President, yada, yada, that has been planned in advance by the demonic leaders of this country in order to fool the people one last time into voting for the final government of fallen angels - all of whom are in positions of power across the globe already. And few people know. That, my friends, is successful mind control. The fact is: the U.S. and the world, are not, and never will be again, anything remotely resembling what we have known. This has been accomplished through sophisticated mind control on you. The U.S. is a corporation, and it takes out an insurance policy and stock on your life when you are born. That's one of the purposes of the Social Security number, to identify their financial interests.You are a slave.

The "back to the Constitution" Nephilim are the very ones who will reveal all of these things and much more to the American people, with horror in their demeanor - they will be outraged and claim they will fix it all - and they are the very ones who planned and carried it all out for the past 200 years ... and, in fact, far longer than that. Since the Fall. They will promise a new financial system free from any possibility of the thievery we have experienced, they will promise free housing, free food, free everything-you-can-think-of ... and, believe it or not ... the people will fall for this, too! Always learning, and never arriving at the truth ... as the Bible says. That's us. That, my friends, is mind control.

All of that barely scratches the surface of the evil that has been done. Our government has been working with the demonic for many years, and pretending they are ETs and that it's a big secret that must be kept from the people. There are no ETs. There is only Satan, his fallen angels and their many demons - most in human form at this point. Our government - almost 75 years ago - made a deal with them. They would be allowed to mind control and turn our people into hybrids (Nephilim) in exchange for technology. Wonder why the military is always spending money while telling the people we're out of funds? Because they're stealing every last dime the people have made (social security and retirement funds are on the horizon) before they have finally killed off 90% of the people through poisoned food, water, chemtrails, vaccines (which bring ON disease), deadly medicine handed out by Big Pharma, and much more. After all, they brought all the Nazi scientists straight over to the US immediately after WWII and had them continue their evil work to be used here. All documented. When they have stolen all your money the economies of the world will crash. That's a done deal. And soon.

There is so much more. I'm a researcher. That's what I do. Why am I telling you all this? Because all of this is a part of the strong delusion. Have you been brought under its influence? It is for this reason:

2Th 2:11, 12  "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

We have sold out. We have sold our children, our young people, our values and our morals for a mess of pottage. We have believed Satan's lie rather than God's truth. We have had pleasure in unrighteousness. We have been in front of the TV set rather than reading God's Word. We - the American "Christians." The lights of the world who once took the Gospel to all the nations, now send them the lowest kind of filth through our movies, our entertainers, our military, and our corrupt disobedience. This is the reality. This is not a game.

________________I had no plan to write any of the above. It just came out. So be it. That's where the Holy Spirit led me. And, finally, our unworthy leaders are holed up in deep underground military bases (DUMBS) as I write, and for good reason. They have known for years that a planetary body is coming to issue destruction as it introduces the Tribulation, that period where God pours out His wrath on a deliberately fallen world. They plan to save themselves (it won't work, of course) even though the Bible tells us about this very thing, that they will hide themselves under the rocks. Knowing that doesn't solve our problem, which is how we plan to face a Holy God. Only one thing will: REPENTANCE and a change in our priorities. And fast. That heavenly body is on its way here. I believe it ill kick off the coming events. 


Part III tomorrow