James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Strong Delusion Is Being Sent Right Now - Part 1

2Th 2:11,12 "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:   That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

It is the most amazing and unbelievable experience to actually see these verses being applied. It is occurring right now, and I have been watching it.

Despite the fact that I take the Bible completely literally (except where it excepts itself) I am astonished at how these things are so clearly happening. Somehow I didn't realize it would be so obvious, so easily identified. It's the most thrilling thing I could have imagined. I'm (almost) speechless. It's exciting from both a technical and a spiritual point of view, although it saddens me greatly to see these people actually turning their minds over to Satan and eternal damnation.

I have written a number of posts to New Agers and to those involved in the apostate church, warning them of this very thing, but of course their minds have not been open to the truth, for the most part. They have eyes that will not see and ears that will not hear.

Those under the influence of false prophets and false churches are being turned over en masse, although of course through individual choice. These are the masses who are turning to a false Christ through such things as contemplative prayer, the Eucharist Christ (and the monstrous monstrance), and all of the related techniques that lead away from the true Jesus Christ to worship of the lie. Many charismatics, both Catholic and Protestant, are involved in this, along with such real perversions as Joel's Army (which will be killing real Christians in the near future). It is accomplished through an alpha state of consciousness, or what was called transcendental meditation in the past. One meets a spirit guide, an ascended master, a 'christed one,' or other entities, sometimes under the guise of the 'higher self.' Often it is achieved simply through an emotional state of frenzy.

The ones I have been studying carefully, however, are the New Agers. Because they are not bogged down with needing to pretend to being Christian, their paths are the most direct and therefore the most revealing and interesting to me. Their route to Satan is more honest, which makes it more pathetic, too, somehow.

I have been following these people for several years, and they are actually being courted to turn their minds and hearts over to Lucifer - but tragically and typically they are often unaware of who they are serving. They truly believe they are becoming gods, which is a concept so far fetched that I can never wrap my mind around the idea that anyone could buy it. They are, however, serious, about 'ye shall become as gods.' Intrinsically, I guess my concept of God is just so infinitely higher than theirs that the entire thought is total folly to me. But, hey, that's the level of deception being applied to them. It is, after all, the master deceiver of all time who is spinning this.

I have actually watched a person (no one I personally know) develop an entirely new personality, going from a lighthearted and joyful person to demon possessed. Although this one particular person was actually born into a situation of being in touch with entities from childhood (generational demonic involvement), even in such a situation as that I watched her turn from happy to tragic, confused, dark, sad, self-deluded - and evil - in a very short time. It is all accomplished through demonic possession of the mind and consciousness under the guise of whatever story the person will believe is plausible. It's hard to believe this girl stood a chance in life, and yet we see through a glass darkly. Perhaps she is an example of the consequences of the sins of the fathers being carried down through the 4th generation, as the Bible says, and of which I have seen so many instances.

I have always believed that the Rapture and this strong delusion would occur simultaneously, and it seems that may be true. There appears to be a process involved in both cases - a time of preparation (change) of spirit, mind and body which leads to the final completion for all parties involved. 

This is what I am seeing. If it proves not to be the case I will be the first to say so. Anyone who reads my blog knows I am not here to defend any theological position - except, of course, the absolute truth of God's Word. I am strictly a seeker of truth and will go wherever that takes me. I've changed my mind on a dime more than once and won't hesitate to do it again. We are in the end game, however. Things are funneling into certain events which will end any and all arguments.

This article will need another day or two of posting, because my real aim is to explain the processes by which this strong delusion is occurring, both technical and spiritual, as I mentioned above. So, with that in mind, look for Part II tomorrow.

 Pray that some of these people may yet see the Light
and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior