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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Explosive - Object "Parked" Behind Moon - and More

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The amount of news there is to report is more than anyone can handle, but in my mind this story underlies everything else.  First, I believe 90% of all the dramatic whistleblowing in the past couple of years has been done by government 'plants' because they want us to believe the story. Now, I have no trouble at all believing - as this one says - that there is an unknown object parked behind the moon.  

TO ME, THE QUESTION IS: Does it belong to God's Team or to the Dark Side Team? In other words, is it the Rapture - or is it perhaps the FAKE Rapture which has been bandied about (or neither)? I have a little trouble believing that God and his angels cannot effectively make their presence unknown if that is their wish, so while I believe the Rapture is IMMINENT, I think this may be a story to cover up the fake rapture. On the other hand, this is admittedly sheer speculation on my part.

As another person commented on YouTube in the section beneath this first video - yes, there may be a fake rapture, but the real Rapture will occur first. That is my belief, too. (For what it's worth.) These are short, entertaining, and certainly highly pertinent to the day. Due to all the other news which I am not posting because it would simply be too overwhelming in one post, I will still try to post Part III (final part) of the Strong Delusion information; however, new events may make that subject fade into the background as 'old news.' We shall see.

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