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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ison/Planet-X - The Winged Disc is NEAR

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This guy (BpEarthWatch on YouTube) is turning out to be the best reporting and pictures that I have discovered to date. He understands the history of this object, which goes back to at least the Sumerians, the Egyptians, and the Bible, I am convinced. Everyone who is analyzing this has concluded that this is a guided craft(s), not a space object. I completely agree. I've always believed God has used it before in history and is guiding it's movements, whether it is a mini solar system or a special craft.  This winged disc object is found throughout all of history from beginning to end.

Most believe that this is what the government shutdown is all about. This is coming - and soon. I still believe there is an excellent chance this is connected to the Rapture ... and perhaps the arrival of Lucifer and his fallen angels.

Of course, it's also possible they want us to be absorbed in this so we will overlook the thousands (?) of Chinese troops which flew into KC Int'l Airport last weekend. More on that later.

If you decide to follow this YouTube channel here is the link:    ...  This is definitely one of the guys to follow.  He also has a website, which I believe is

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