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Thursday, September 4, 2014

HUGE NEWS DAY ... TRUTH ZONE ... and perhaps another news post later today 9 4 14

9-3-14 NEWS

ISIS 9/11 Attack On US Soil: Story Was Created and Scrubbed by Foxx News!

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize to Putin for Lies on MH17, Syria, Ukraine...

3 Mexican Mayors Charged with Links to 'Knights Templar' Drug Cartel!

Corrupt Agenda: UN Orders Troops to Surrender to Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels

WoW! Pilots Baffled by Orange and Red 'Mystery Lights' Over the Pacific Ocean!

(Well, I'm going to tell you what they are. They are demonic entities. Satan has always had his HQ underneath the earth and sea - for centuries - This info is common knowledge in the occult community. It's open communication to witches in South Africa and elsewhere. Get familiar with it. They'll be coming up very soon. And they will be joined by the FA (Fallen Angels). The time is now. CMR)


ISIS Threatens 'Vladimir Putin' and Russia!

(This is sheer insanity ... as the Book of Revelation prophecies. NOTE: the guy making the threat looks like a 'beautiful' being .... an angel, perchance? Are you getting the picture yet?)


ISIS Begins Stealing Money from Iraqi Banks, Estimated at 90 Billion Dinars!  (This is NESARA. Are you New Agers awake yet?) 


Putin's Pal Is Pxxxxx! Muslim Chechen Leader 'Vows to Crush ISIS' After Threat Against Russia!


Journalist or Agent? New Image Shows 'Stephen Sotloff Fighting In Syria'


James Foley Worked Under USAID, A Known U.S. Intelligence Front!


Busted! McCain Slips Up and Reveals 'US Wanted to Arm ISIS'



12 PM EST Fri night, 9/5/14, 24 hr event - This is from BPEarth Watch, who does a wonderful job of explaining sun activity. Vid 4:33.



(BP vid 5 min)


9 3 14:

11 jetliners 'missing' after Islamist takeover of airport

Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11

Egypt set for military intervention as Libya spirals toward failed state

Bad New for Tattoos - Many Tattoo Inks Contain Dangerous Heavy Metals, Phthalates and Hydrocarbons

And here is a positive story to round it off...
He Was Going To Die Of Hypothermia, Until These DEER Did Something Extraordinary
Go to around 4:00 if you're in a hurry ... amazing story