James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

God Has Superior High Tech Than Lucifer

Satan has a stronghold over the American consciousness by deliberate application. Americans have been born and bred into a matrix (reality) to be slaves who love their slavery.  This has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. This is a work of Lucifer. We have been programmed to think only within this consciousness matrix - in other words, we CANNOT think outside the box. Or so we have been programmed to believe.

This is a lie. A lie is a stronghold, mechanic programming designed to keep us in bondage. Satanic bondage. Critical thinking, curiosity, due diligence is unknown in this society. Everything is superficial. Including the churches.

When Jesus said 'you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free,' this had deep meaning. It was not just a whimsical statement. The truth of Jesus Christ comes with the power of the Spirit - an energy beyond belief. When we embrace the full truth, the Power of God should create a SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION within our consciousness, whereby the lies and strongholds are blasted to bits and our consciousness becomes infused with the Power of the Holy Spirit - the same power (dunamis) that created the universe and raised Christ from the grave. If you do not have this power in your life, yet call yourself a Christian, something is gravely wrong.

Satan is disabling people by distracting them from their 'faith,' through such things as TV, sports, shopping, iphones, politics, religion, and a plethora of other activities - all of which take them AWAY from contact with the Lord. HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND WITH THE LORD EACH DAY VS THESE OTHER ACTIVITIES?

The Bible tells us to sell all that we have in order to search for the Wisdom of God as we would for silver or gold. He will give us supernatural Wisdom. Americans are consistently choosing the distractions and are SPIRITUALLY DISABLED. 

You cannot fight the spiritual battle THROUGH POLITICAL MEANS. This is part of the satanic distraction.  You are fighting on your own human strength by doing this.

Christians recognize they have NO power, and they open the portals of heaven and receive POWER from on high, and they are the overcomers. You cannot fight a spiritual battle with physical/political weapons.

If you are a Christian, you have the mind of Christ living within you, you are seated in heavenly places (right now) ruling and reigning with Christ, who has overcome the world. There is no need to fear anything here, including the demonic entities, who run from the sight of you in panic and fear. The power of Christ will infuse you in such a way that nothing need be feared. That power has the ability to RECONFIGURE your internal and external reality here on earth so that the world in which you live need not be the matrix mentioned above. If you are OBEDIENT to your Lord and have the mind of Christ you can and must live above the chaos and the fray.  The problem today is that Christians are not living the lives that are available to them through Jesus Christ.

WHY? Because they are not spending time with Christ or in His Word or in prayer: communion with Him. It's that basic.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer ; I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

God created the double helix DNA system which provides access to the full armor of God. This armor is not static and frozen in time, like Roman armor from 2000 yrs ago. Paul used it as the example of armor in the culture of his day. Now we are in the day of scientific warfare, and our armies use high tech - exoskeletal - lightweight, formfitting to the body, controlled by human consciousness. Given the evolution of military tech as seen in the scientific movies. THAT is the technology of God. Our minds get stuck in the old Roman pictures. 

The people who run the world are soulless; they think nothing of annihilating mass populations, perpetual war and chaos. They advocate this. They boast of it.  It is the plan of Lucifer, coming down to our age through Plato, Orwell, H.G. Wells, Blavatsky etal. The UN's plans support all of this. If you allow yourself to go into denial, you will go into the mind state of the Germans in Nazi Germany, which what has happened to American people. DENIAL is actually denial of the Word of God, which states clearly that Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels are leading a war against God and a holocaust against the human race. Just as they did in the days of Noah, so it is now. 

We are confronting the new Nephilim and Fallen Angels. If we are NOT WILLING TO SURRENDER OUR UNBELIEF ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON, and to ask God to destroy our cynicism and unbelief about these issues we will NOT have the supernatural power to defeat the evil powers and principalities. The choice is yours. The day of playing church is over.

Everything is falling apart. We are being hit by waves and waves of assault on every level. Your heart is NOT supposed to be failing of fear. Supernatural peace, faith, wisdom will guard your heart if you are being filled continually by the Holy Spirit of God and you are spiritually prepared. You need the continual JOY of the Lord - and to have joy these days is obviously supernatural.

God will hold you personally responsible for supporting a church that is supporting the above through denial.  You need to separate yourselve from any such church and pray that God will lead you to a true church of Jesus Christ. 

God knows how to separate the righteous from the wicked. He knows how to protect His people in the midst of chaos and tribulation. He delights in doing so. 

The above is my notes on Paul MacGuire's latest interview with Hagmann and Hagmann and if you have the time to listen it is at this link: