James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Undermining Christianity Through Archaeology

Expect to see extraordinary archaeological finds in the near future, uncovered after the earthquakes, floods and other disasters. The resultant discoveries will reveal 'new truths' about the origins of man. All of this new information will be compliments of the satanic order, of which there are many on earth and, of course, in the 'air.'

This is a plan of the wicked ones and their New Age disciples in order to inevitably lead people to discard their Christian faith and religious beliefs. This is one of the last-stage attempts to finish off Satan's work over the past 100 or more years in corrupting seminaries, infiltrating churches, and the like. The underlying thought will be that ET's visited earth and 'seeded' the planet, and that is where we came from. Now they have returned to help us in every way, to help us become gods ourselves. Uh huh.

We will be led to believe that all religion has made man enslaved. Now we need to free ourselves from religious domination so that we can become gods. As with most of Satan's tactics, there is a degree of truth in this. Certain religions have used God as an excuse to rule and control the people. It is a fact that rulers have used and manipulated the people to believe that God is on their side in war, or that we need war to protect our right to believe or worship God. This has been true at certain times in history, and sometimes God uses evil rulers to accomplish His agenda. However, if one goes directly back to the teachings of Jesus you will never find that the Christian church's purpose was human warfare. The teachings of Jesus promote love, forgiveness and prayer for our enemies. It is very clear in scripture that our wars and battles will be in the spiritual realm.

History has shown us that whenever totalitarianism is introduced, God is undermined. Religions have been co-opted or banned outright. In Germany books were confiscated and churches were closed. However, that did not stop the power of God in the people's lives who turned to God for constant guidance and protection.

True faith and trust in God is powerful through belief in Jesus Christ, and this is why evil governments want to distort or change our perceptions of God. This is a standard part of the propaganda that is standard fare in a time of upheaval. This is spiritual warfare.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and beware when you hear reports of new discoveries, particularly during this crucial time when they are trying to birth this new civilization, this new utopia, this new age with its new religion. Question any reported discoveries which somehow change history as we now know it. That's not to say that all history is truth but we do know that current media is very strongly and forcefully trying to change our ideals and societal structures -everything that gives us a sure foundation to stand strong against the wiles of the devil.

Be watchful and discerning. Satan's tactics are as old as man, full of deceit, subtlety, charm and seduction. The same old, same old. You will find it in the Book of Genesis.

Royal Heir