James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Ready For ...

... everything.
I wouldn't know where to begin, so I'll just dive in.

* Who's Hu? Anyone who watched even regular TV surely noticed a pomp and ceremony surrounding the 'visitation' of the dignitaries from China. It's difficult to remember a time in my life when such importance was given to this 4-day visit - maybe after WWII - which I was too young to recall. There is much more to this visit than meets the eye. Along with all of the sundry other things going on in and to this nation, the reverberations from this visit will not bode well for the U.S. The Chinese flag was hung right next to the U.S. flag on Constitution Avenue today, and I expect it will be there during the entire visit ... perhaps much longer.

* Another huge rash of politicians have announced they will not run for office again, and despite their weak reasons given, there is more to this than meets the eye. Fear of revelations coming down the pike, inside information that makes it untenable to continue.

* You may have noticed that all positions around the White House have been , or are being, filled by people none of us have ever heard of. This follows a previous plethora of departures a couple of months ago. This is all a part of a very large global plan that is being fulfilled. This is also happening, and has been happening, in governments across the globe. The people filling this positions are literally 'out of this world.' Believe it ... or not. It doesn't change the voracity of it.

* Frightening financial news lies right around the next curve. I mentioned a while back that the U.S. would not be financially destroyed. That would be stupid. Not helpful at all to global governance. The idea is to equalize all nations financially. This will be good for Africa (about time, I might add, for the regular people) and very bad for us who have become accustomed to living in the lap of luxury compared to the rest of the world. Of course, we have worked very hard for what we have. We have also become obsessed with 'stuff.' Every poll as far back as one might check will find that the number 1 concern of Americans is "the economy." (Hint, hint, it should have been values and faith.)

* Surely everyone with a breath in him has taken notice of the hundreds of thousands of birds dying from apparent asphyxiation, and this has been across the entire world. Not only birds have been stricken, but many other kinds of animals as well. The types of animals is expanding. We may be next. The general consensus is that HAARP is heavily involved in this phenomenon, although there may be other contributing factors.

* The number of 'natural' disasters is almost without precedent in our history. The earthquake recording sites on line have shown within the past week that continual shaking has been going on across the entire planet, simultaneously. One might refer to it as 'divers earthquakes.'

* There is 'something big coming' from outer space, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. That something has a primary spiritual aspect to it, and is somehow cloaked from our view. Governments plan to give no notice when it is upon us, because they don't know what it is or what it will do upon arrival. They are almost as clueless as the rest of us.

* Last, but not least, for this particular post: Many shocking revelations about things you have never imagined, and people you never suspected, will be coming soon. Whether in dribs and drabs or all at once, I have not been able to determine.

There is one solution to all of it, the same solution that has always been the answer. Get as near as you can to the Lord. Nurture that relationship so that you will be calm and at peace during the coming events, and able to be of assistance to those around you.

There has not been a similar time on this orb for about 5,000 years (Noah and the flood, of course).

Royal Heir