James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Demon Possession Everywhere

Vicious attacks by lone gunmen are not done by 'sick' or 'mentally ill' people. They are done by people who are demon possessed. Our oh! so clever! advanced culture, however, follows along like simpering sheep with Satan's new name for it (mental illness) and new cure for it (psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.) via his apostle, Freud. It is not physical illness - it is spiritual illness.

How Satan loves to see his deceptions succeed with the American sheep. His greatest satisfaction comes particularly with seeing those who call themselves Christians fall into his net. Every time a Christianette talks about how 'sick' the most recent rampage perp is, Satan and his crew rejoice (their version of rejoicing). They have succeeded in winning almost the entire country over to that deception. He loves it, because if the so-called religious are fooled, then they can certainly not offer society what is needed most ... and what Satan fears most ... salvation and spiritual healing, instantly, through Jesus Christ.

Do you understand that this is spiritual warfare? And Satan is winning across the board in America.

The pseudo-Christians don't believe in miracles. They don't believe God's Word - primarily because they never read it. They don't believe in real demons or demon possession, which is everywhere. They've got this fairy tale idea that this stuff only happened thousands of year ago, if they believe it at all. They have no idea what's going on in the spiritual realm where God expects His people to be armed and fighting the forces of Satan which surround us constantly and are everywhere. They wouldn't recognize an evil spirit if it jumped them. They have no discernment.

Even worse, neither does the clergy. They may actually be more ignorant of spiritual forces than their sleepy sheeple. When was the last time you heard in church about evil at work daily in our culture? About demonic forces? About the fact that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent? About the many deceptions all around us? First of all, when was the last time you were in a real Bible-believing church?

The pastors are afraid of the elders; the elders are afraid of the people (especially those who give money), the tax status, and the government. The people are unruly and unfaithful and afraid of no one. Especially God. What a disgrace to the Holy God we purport to 'serve.' There is no accountability whatever in 95% of churches. Is any member called out when they do or say something contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible? Is there one Christian you personally know who you can imagine would go to prison for the gospel of Jesus Christ? One who would be martyred? The question is ludicrous because how many in America know enough about the gospel to be a threat to the antichrist government? Where's the evidence?

Jesus Christ will have more than a whip with Him when he returns. He will come as a Judge and as a King, and He will take no prisoners. It will be Judgment Day for those who expect to 'go to heaven' (whatever fantasy that conjures up for them) but hear instead, "Depart from me; I never knew you." And even if you are a true Christian, what kind of a resume do you have? One that will have you cleaning toilets for eternity? What you do here determines what you do for eternity.

People in this country are all worked up about politics, about health care, about taxes, about their 401(k), about gas prices, about food prices, about hearing their favorite media puppet, about jobs, about money, about the culture, about the schools, yada yada yada.

THAT'S NOT IT. Those are not the problem. Obama is not our problem, Bush is not our problem, Palin is not our problem. Get it through your head that our politicians are the most corrupt, vapid, evil bunch that ever ruled a nation. They are bought and paid for. Almost without exception. They are evil. However, even they are not our problem. Our problem is that we are SPIRITUALLY DEAD. Spiritually clueless. Spiritually blind, deaf and dumb.

We let our children go to schools that set them up to follow a foreign path and teach them unspeakable things of which we are not aware. Our grown children don't think we know anything so they ignore our warnings about video games, rock music, everything. They have compromised the values they were taught for political correctness that they do not see in themselves. They fawn over their children rather than discipline them. (Are they afraid of them?)

Our grandchildren truly think they know more than we do, and they are more ignorant than any generation in recent history - and arrogant about it. They recognize none of the sacred hymns with such substance and deep meaning; all they know are cheap christianette copies of Satan's music. They have no respect for their elders. They have no respect for God (who isn't who they imagine Him to be.) They have no shame. They will betray family and never repent, while family wheedles and begs for them to come back - unrepentant though they remain. They are sullen, cocky, condescending ... and this is before they are even out of their teens. They dress and act like the children of Satan that many are. This has all happened in one generation.

Most so-called Christians are the most deceived people in America. And the most spiritually disobedient.Why do you call me Lord, Lord? and not do the things that I say? At least the heathens among us aren't hypocrites. They're the real deal - pagans. It all makes me sick. I really can't help but separate myself or I will soon be physically ill from the evil around me. I can spot it in people everywhere without them uttering a word. It's in their eyes, their attitudes, their arrogance and defiance - their spirits. They will all fall into the ditch together, as Christ warned.

Maranatha! (Look it up.)

Royal Heir