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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More New Enemies On Horizon?

I would expect to see our government rolling out more 'new enemies' as time marches forward. We've already discovered that most of us are considered terrorists in this new and fast-paced environment. 

At some point I think that ETs will be identified as a new threat. Of course they will not be portrayed accurately. About 95% of all "UFOs" are US Military, to begin with. The only real ETs around here are the demonic entities, which are inhabiting earth at an alarming rate; they appear as regular people, just as the angels almost always did in the Bible.

The recycling or creating of new enemies will have many benefits:

* The justification of weaponizing space
* Unification of the population on a war footing 
* An excuse to head out into space aggressively
* The people will look to 'our leaders' for protection and handling
* A lot of inconvenient questions will be stifled in the face of such a threat
* A way to disclose all of the 25th Century military high tech that the public doesn't know about, which is
   where trillions of our $$ has gone
* And, of course, more stringent 'security' will be necessary

Exciting times are ahead.

Royal Heir