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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Headlong Into The Abyss

Once upon a time you could see a slow descent of the United States of America by looking back over the last decade. Then, as the descent gathered steam, you could look over the past year. Now, you can look over the past week - even the past day - and see the breathtaking speed with which our once goodly nation goes headlong into the abyss.

This past week:

* A single judge in California made homosexual 'marriage' legal in California, overturning the will of the people's vote of a constitutional amendment to ban it. The wording in the decision provides that in the future courts will look into "religious motivations" when ruling on various issues. This is unprecedented.

* Elena Kagan is appointed to a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ms. Kagan has a long list of questionable activities, including contempt for the law and the United States armed forces while dean of Harvard Law School. But the one that stands out is this: She falsified a physicians' group's document on partial-birth abortion to reflect her own view instead of theirs — and it was submitted to the Supreme Court as evidence. This is fraud, plain and simple.

* A mosque was approved at Ground Zero in New York City within a short distance of where terrorists on 9-11-2001 flew jets into the World Trade Center. The mayor of New York praised the decision.

* Our government applied pressure on PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas to begin immediate direct talks with Israel - to divide the land.

* Obama plans to complete withdrawal of US troops in Iraq as Iran is poised to increase its involvement in, and influence on, Iraq.

* The U.S. will now concentrate on its involvement in the nine-year war in Afghanistan - for these three self-interests: 1) Drug traffic profits, which have increased 50% since we went there 2) Oil 3) Strategic geopolitical advantage due to Afghanistan's location.

* 20,000 Hezbollah troops are presently positioned in hiding in hospitals, homes, schools and other civilian locations in southern Lebanon, with targets all over Israel. Mingled throughout these troops are United Nations armed forces.

* Our own government is proposing to subvert Congress to actually allow even criminals and terrorists to enter into this country unabated, to be accomplished by Executive Order, to allow applicants who "require a waiver of inadmissibility" ways to remain or come to the United States "without fear of removal."

* It has become abundantly clear that we are ruled by liars and crooks.

* Police departments across the nation are announcing their refusals to respond to citizens' complaints when crimes are committed. The stated reason: lack of funds. (The real reason: massive fraud and insane spending across all levels of government).

* Bill No. S510 - Illegal To Grow, Share, Trade, Sell Homegrown Food. SB S510 Will Allow Government To Put You In Jail.

* Once family-friendly Sears has stunning images of explicit nudity and overt sexuality splashed across the Sears website. Consumer backlash from the American Family Association couldn't even get a return call back.

* Milwaukee teachers fight for Viagra drug coverage.

* Impoverished city closes library.

* Cable-net developing "IDOL-style" TV competition - for prisoners.

* Massive rise in food costs imminent.

And there is much more.

Matthew 24:12: "And because lawlessness shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

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