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Friday, August 13, 2010

DECEPTIONS: #10 - Our Origins & History

Our origins, of course, are spelled out in Holy Scripture and given to us by God, our Creator. There will be a great historical deception which will seek to overturn the truth and to present 'evidence' that the Bible is incorrect. This new 'history of our origins' will make a case which falsely identifies other spirits/entities as our true ancestors.

This is a satanic lie designed for the last days.

One of these new histories will most certainly address Egypt, the Giza Plateau, the pyramids, including the Great Pyramid, the earth ley lines, and mathematical and geometrical relationships of these to the stars. The tale may be tied in to Atlantis - or Atlantis may be presented separately. It may also be tied to UFOs, which will always be portrayed as the vehicles of ancient beings who have been living on other planets. If you have read my series of posts on UFOs you will know the truth.

Dr Zahi Hawass, the head of Egyptian antiquities who you often see on tv, will almost certainly play a major role in this archaeological 'discovery,' and it will no doubt be shown on such cable channels as The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. It is believed by those of the occult world that Dr. Hawass will be fulfilling a predestined role in doing this.

Many of the scientists (archaeologists, etc.) who specialize in the Egyptian pyramids are guided and assisted, and receive regularly 'channeled' information from spirit guides who interpret what they find in their excavations. These occult channeled spirit guides are, of course, demonic entities providing this information. Some of the digs are done in secret, financed by powerful and wealthy people who are seeking to find the hidden secrets of technology which will replace our current technology.

Many secret digs occur under the homes and nearby towns, and there are reports of strange, expensive and wonderful items being dug up; they are often stolen. The area buzzes with accounts of many people who have died mysterious and horrible deaths while searching through these underground places. Police reports are often falsified due to the strange circumstances and events. Strange and powerful 'energies' are routinely reported. The entire area is rampant with evidence of occult activity, including large amounts of blood and other bizarre items indicating occult rituals and ceremonies. All of these things are routinely denied by all, including police authorities.

In the depths of the pyramids you will negotiate through a labyrinth (on film) leading to a vast system of rooms and corridors. Some of the chambers, you will be told, are those of your 'ancestors.' You will be told that one of these burial sites is no doubt one of the ancient Pharoahs who is your forefather - you are a 'child of the king.' (Sound familiar, Christians?) You may be shown the burial site of the Queen, your ancient mother.

You will be told that these chambers are linked to the stars and constellations (this part is true), and that inside the chamber is a portal for spirits to connect with the cosmos. In another 6,500 years, at the cyclical pole shift, you will return to the spot and stand with others in their flesh, as revealed in the precession of the equinox. You, as a 'transcended' being will remember when you were in the flesh (now), and will teach this new generation about the eternal Dragon God - the first "king of kings," who will lead you into all knowledge (remember the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? ... and: "you shall become as gods.") They will explain that the Lion King Sphinx holds the history of our forefathers and continues today in its charged duty to hold and protect its part in the secret to the end of time. You may be shown another sign which is given to all those bearing witness to the Truth and the Way.

In a time long gone - in the former life - you may be told that you, as a god, were instrumental in laying the foundations for Earth's part in the great cosmic plan. From ancient times there existed only one science of precision which could convey information about the most important events and dates in the Earth’s history. You will hear that this science is astronomy and it is our lifeblood. Across eons of time, our kind, and many others have navigated the cosmos, weaving patterns together and recording the progress of earth's civilizations.

These are just the broad outlines of those things to which you will be desensitized through tv and movies in the very near future. You can see how Satan - once again - cleverly imitates Almighty God, and our desire for knowledge and mysteries makes us susceptible to the ploys of the devil more so than ever in this age.

Be on guard! "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." That is our protection.

Royal Heir