James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just came back from a mockery of a "wedding." I may not attend any more weddings.

All of the things that outraged me have nothing to do with that poor young couple. It's the parents and grandparents I'm furious with. They have not taught their children and their grandchildren the faith. They have not chastized them when they took a wrong turn. They have not disciplined them nor taught them respect. And many other things they have not taught them. Like wearing clothing on their bodies when in public.

If this affair had not been in a church, not been conducted by a "minister," and had not been attended by supposed Christians I would not be upset at all. You don't expect a non-Christian ceremony to be Christian. I have all the patience in the world for non-Christians. But I'm fed up with the christianettes (if even that term applies) that make up about 90% of the organized church.

This world truly is not my home. I can't wait to make my exit. I wanted to pull out my whip as Christ did, wake these people up and drive them out of the church. I want to be around real, mature Christians as a traveler craves water in the desert. These mealy-mouthed hypocrites of this age literally make me sick. The walking dead. They don't even notice that the Lord is pouring out his punishment on this nation because it has abandoned its faith and its obedience. We have produced a sinful generation, and the tragedy is that the generation produced has no clue. They no longer have a place to turn in order to learn -- not that they would heed advice. The examples of godly living are few and far between.

The first problem was that it was held in a church. A church is a house of worship. There was no sign of worship in that wedding or in that church or in the atmosphere.

A wedding is officiated by a minister of God ... unless you're on a ship. We were not (although I must admit there was an element of shipwreck about it). The young man who 'officiated' this event laughed and giggled his way throughout. There was no solemnity to the occasion, nor any sense of its gravity . He was appropriately named "Josh" something-or-other. He is a typical product of our godless seminaries. From all the evidence presented, I doubt that he is a Christian.

A marriage is a God-ordained union of a man and a woman. It was defined by the creator of the universe himself . He did not take a vote. It is a state into which a couple should enter with an appreciation of the purpose of marriage, as should all those who attend. There are certain vows which these two people take, and the words used in the ceremony are traditional ones designed to reflect God's meaning . Those words are now in the dustbin. The bride and groom make up their own versions these days, and these versions are as shallow, meaningless and short as the marriage itself will be.

The music attending such an important commitment of two people to each other for life should reflect the seriousness of the rite and should carry great meaning about Christian marriage and the importance of the Lord as the head of that marriage. That, too, is gone. Now CDs with pop songs and unidentifiable grating instruments fill the 'sanctuary' and they have no reflection of God's purpose for marriage. The words are as frivolous as the occasion itself, portraying a type of 'love' that is less than the union will require.

It is critical that a young couple comprehend that this is a union of two families. That is no longer true, nor is it considered important. It's all about them and their friends. The only reason at all that any attention whatever is paid to the families is in order for them to foot the bills and give expensive gifts. And people should consider themselves among the fortunate if they receive a note of thanks or ever see these young relatives again (until they come running back for help during the divorce.)

The entire wedding party wore pure (?) black, and wore or carried blood-red roses. It reminded me of a satanic ritual, as perhaps it was. There were moments when the scent of evil wafted my way.This is a direct reflection of our cultural mores. We dropped the ball years ago.

The bride (during the ceremony) came down to the first two rows of people, each of whom had been handed a long-stemmed red rose as they were 'being seated.' As she came to collect the rose from each person, the entire congregation was entranced as they viewed her in her very low-cut wedding dress, stoop over and hug and kiss each rose-holder. A fascinating little side-show to all but the blind little bride, who I am certain had no clue. It is the bride and groom in this scenario that have my deepest compassion. They will go on my prayer list.

The women (I won't call them ladies) who attended the wedding looked like they were ready to step out on the street and turn tricks the minute the thing was over. And this included women pushing retirement age. I was stupefied and disgusted. The groom's mother was worse than all the rest. It was all about her and how great she looked (in her own mind). How she looked, in fact, was ridiculous and foolish in her skintight black dress with no back... or front.

Disrespect, of course, abounded throughout. As did any hint of decorum. The ushers slouched down the aisles, offered no 'arm,' and said basically, "Sit wherever you want." Due to the irreverent pop music the mood encouraged joking and laughing. The flower girl and ring bearer ran around the front of the church. Imagine what that generation will be like. There was general confusion by the groomsmen (and Josh) as they took their spots in the front and then ambled off for various reasons, and then back into line.

In a way, there was a certain fascination inherent in it. Everything that you could not imagine at a wedding, occurred.

I sat next to a 'minister's' wife who didn't seem to notice anything wrong. And why should she, herself being a product of this culture.

Afterward, everyone went out on the lawn to watch doves released. Personally, I missed the significance of this. My mind went immediately to the Holy Spirit, and peace, neither of which I saw evidence there. The doves were as out of place as I was. Not being able to handle another minute of this, I took the opportunity of the general confusion to take my leave, to separate myself, to go to the sanctuary of my home.

As I strategized my escape, someone mentioned to me that she was trying to get her daughter (50 years old) to go to church. I told her that the daughter had better get right with the Lord, and fast, because the Lord is coming soon. Very soon. She nodded uncomfortably. Several relatives standing around heard my reply, which is some comfort. Apparently the Lord even used my exasperation of the moment to be a witness to these people yet once more . They seldom see me and when they do I'm fairly certain my presence makes them uncomfortable. I would be concerned about this, but the truth is that I believe they are convicted. Besides, at my age I don't have the time nor the inclination to do anything other than what I believe to be true and right. No time or inclination to play games that are politically correct. The time is too short.

This, my friends, is what we've come to. This is why the Lord is about to spew us out of his mouth...and I'm about to cross these people off my prayer list (just kidding). I have no malice in my heart toward anyone (even Josh). I just don't know how much more of this sacrilege and this culture I can take.

I've probably missed something, and certainly did not take the time to edit this. I just needed to get it off my (well-covered) chest. As soon as the newlyweds get back from their honeymoon we plan to take them out to dinner and introduce them to Jesus in a serious way.

Now just to end on a more positive note.....

I had a dream last night that we were being raptured. I was so excited that my heart was actually pounding when I woke up. I had just begun to hear the trumpet in the distance, and people were all running in one direction (?) so I followed. After a few seconds of that I woke up and was SO excited I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest...amazing dream. I was disappointed that it was only a dream as I came out of it.

All I can say is "Maranatha." Make that a double.