James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God's Plan: Incarnation

The incarnation was a part of God's comprehensive plan to establish His kingdom and rule on earth, and to judge and punish those who refused His sovreignty. His people are intended to rule with Him on earth, not to live eternally in far-off space and play harps.

The incarnation was not an isolated event. God's sovreignty controls all of history's events for His purpose and plan.

Alexander spread the Greek culture and language, which the Hebrews learned, enabling them to translate His Word into Greek. The Caesars spread the Roman culture and language. All of this was part of God's plan to have His Word available to the entire known world. The people were free to worship any God, allowing Paul to spread the gospel in the fulness of time. All of this was in preparation to make possible our mission to 'go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.'

Going all the way back to Genesis, the requirement of a blood sacrifice of a lamb was a foreshadowing of Christ, who was the representation of God himself, and came to earth for the express purpose of dying, being resurrected and starting His Church (us).

The genealogy of Jesus Christ is recorded all the way back to Adam through both His mother and earthly father, Joseph, fulfilling all earthly legal requirements and heritage. His coming was foretold by God, came true exactly as prophesied, and all people were provided the exact information establishing who He is. His birth was at precisely the right moment in time for Him to come to earth to redeem mankind to Himself.

Herod's decree requiring all families to come for the census was God's hand guiding events to fulfill the prophesied town of Bethlehem as the Messiah's birthplace. The star at the precise moment at which it was needed to guide the wise men was provided by the providential hand of God.

Shouldn't a king be born in a palace? Not in this case. God purposely wanted the Lamb of God to be associated with other lambs, associated with the lowly instead of earthly royalty. The Creator of the universe became a humble carpenter.

In the fulness of time God sent His son, Galatians 4:4. He had credentials: a forerunner, John the Baptist; genealogy; miracles; everything that was needed God the Father had provided.

The law required a blood sacrifice for sin. Only a perfect lamb would suffice. Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God fulfilled all of the law for all of time. Christ was the ransom for us since no human can live the perfect life required under the law.

We would like to think we can be good enough. "I'll do this; I'll stop doing that." All of that is nothing but activity. Your heart is the problem...your sin nature. He saves us from ourselves and from physical, spiritual and eternal death.

By accepting His offer of salvation we are adopted into God's family as royal heirs. He gives us a new name, a new position and a new family.

He is still at work in our lives and in the world today, all according to His scheduled plan, which is about to be completed.

Don't be left out. You, too, can be a royal heir.

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