James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


1. NIBIRU News - 

The PX/Nibiru system is fully in place toward our south, being monitored by Neumeyer Station, by all militaries and governments, astrophysics specialists and observatories across the world - and of course by the Vatican's own observatory in the American southwest. 

The system is, as I have predicted for several years, impacting the earth through the drastic climactic actions we are seeing. This will increase. 

I do not plan to write much about it anymore, because it is here, arriving just at the time I believed it would and is doing God's work by impacting Earth in a variety of ways which will continue during the entire coming tribulation period. Some of that activity will involve Lucifer and his minions. So unless I wanted to do a blow by blow daily report, there is nothing more to say. I am vindicated, and am personally thrilled and incredulous that the Lord allowed me to comprehend this information so far ahead of time. It's almost as fulfilling as leading someone to the Lord. Nothing rises to that level, though.

However, below is a video by an astro scientist for those of you who would like to delve more deeply into the matter and follow its activities. I have followed him for about 18 months. He goes far deeper than I want to go in the scientific department, has a long and detailed newsletter which he puts out, plus many articles online. A ton of information. He also debates with the NWO 'scientists' and various observatory astrobiologists and scientists around the world. 

So here is his latest video. Always remember that this set of PX objects goes by perhaps 15 different names, and each user of a particular name(s) dislikes identification with the other names ... whatever. I think this has been done from the beginning to deliberately throw the public off - it has worked. This guy, Terral, calls it the Black Star. Michael in the BPEarthwatch interview called it the 'magnetic ball', and I believe the Bible calls it Wormwood and other names. 

This system has arrived and is beginning to do its work under the guiding hand of God just as it was used in the time of Noah, the Red Sea crossing, and other times.

Black Star Update February 13, 2014

2. More Bible prophecy being fulfilled in Syria:

US to use Jordan as base for potential military intervention in Syrian

U.S., Syria play blame game over Geneva peace talks