James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mistaking The Vatican For Christianity

Repost from Tuesday, April 20, 2010

* Please don't assume that I believe there are no true Christians in the churches mentioned. That would be way above my pay grade. I will say that it would be extremely difficult to stay in these chuches once a person has all of the information. CMR  

Only those who are looking for an excuse - who are willingly blind to truth - can mistake the wicked Roman Catholic Church for Christianity. The centuries of evil done by the Vatican clearly show that it does not represent followers of Jesus Christ, but includes many priests/popes who are worshippers of Satan himself, leaving a trail of idolatry, false teaching, rape, molestation, murder, torture, lies, greed, excess - centuries of shame, scandal and abuse - in any way represents disciples of Christ, no matter how far you stretch it. The Roman Catholic Church has murdered more Christians over the past 2,000 years than any other entity. That is a documented fact.

It's the equivalent of the same bunch of religious Jewish rabbis who, in their fervor to rid themselves of the truth of Jesus Christ, screamed, "Let his blood be on our heads," as they murdered the Lord, their own messiah. The doctors of theology, the religious scholars, the heads of the church, the leaders, the arrogant, the 'experts,' the 'learned' ... it's always the same crowd, the theological intelligentsia (self-proclaimed) out looking for power, wealth, self-aggrandizement. Wrapped up in Satan's lie. Self-worship. Wanting to BE god rather than worship him.

The Protestant church isn't exempt, either, with its television stars promoting their "Name it and claim it" lies; extracting the last dollar out of little old ladies in exchange for promises of prosperity; phony mass healing services; lavish stories of their trips to heaven; living in mansions with accompanying accoutrements such as planes, boats, lifestyles of the rich and famous; spiritual super stars ...until they slip-slide up to Judgment Day and meet God face to face.

Excuse me if I'm brutally honest about these people, but I lived in a minister's home - a real minister of the Lord. Believe me, I can tell the difference. My father and mother lived what they preached. When you live in the same house with people, it's got to be the real thing. There's no faking it.

It's incredibly painful for me to watch what passes for "Christian" in this world. The Power Players. The Power Christians. The "Leaders." This is the same bunch of phonies that is coming together to form the new world religion: apostates from every branch of Christianity, led by the whore, Rome, the Vatican. (Interestingly, many priests over the past 2,000 years believed that Rome was the great whore, and many wrote about it. This doctrine has been the primary whore doctrine throughout church history, and now we are seeing it blossom before our eyes.)

And guess what small group of Christians will be ostracized and hated by the new world church and government? The born again Christians...those who believe in the fundamental doctrines of the faith. The true church of Jesus Christ. The false church is already busy preparing to demonize us, as if we would have any part of them. In fact, there is a Christian army setting up shop, openly stating their goal to rid the earth of Christians who adhere to actual biblical doctrine - and actually read The Book! Imagine that! One such group calls itself Joel's Army. I call them The Chosen (as does Russ Dizdar.) They will be in the same camp as the Antichrist government and church - all unified on ridding the earth of the true body of Christ.

The part that is so painful is that they may divert some poor souls from ever knowing the truth, the good news of being a Christian. There might be those who are looking for a life-changing relationship with their creator - a personal relationship - and would never find it while being led astray by the false church. It's up to us to find them.

It will be, and is, an honor to be hated and persecuted as was our Lord himself.

And don't forget to ... feed the sheep. Wherever you find them.

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