James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Do You Feel That You Don't Belong Here Anymore?

On earth, I mean.

Do you feel a wanting to go home, as if everything is OVER, finished, and you no longer belong here? Do all your old plans seem difficult to pursue? Does it feel impossible to push forward in any direction? This is because your purpose for being on Earth is coming to completion. This cycle is ending.

You may no longer seem to fit this world. Your plans, well ... what plans? You've developed wacky sleeping hours. You're more 'electric.' You have strange twitching or jerking in your hands or limbs. You may be more spiritually aware. Then there is that continual 'white noise' during certain hours, along with lightheadedness, clumsiness, bumping into/breaking things, seeing shadows at the edge of your vision. You feel destabilized, disoriented. Weird.

You may have found a growing gulf between yourself and others - no longer in contact with those you would consider friends or colleagues, particularly non-Christians. Even family. Your values and interests have grown so different over time that you seem to have nothing in common, especially spiritual things which have become more intense and important.

You may have had a greater desire to get rid of things, stuff, TV, entertainment ... and a greater desire for prayer, Bible study, Christian music, Christian fellowship and notice a greater intensity and frequency of absolute praise and joy of the Lord,  raising your hands to the Lord, kneeling in prayer, sheer praise and thanksgiving. Worship episodes may often invade your world of regular activities, evidence of an increasing nearness to the Savior.

So what does all this mean? Spiritual polarization. Those non-Christian or nominal Christian acquaintances and friends are fading out, and into a different reality than the one we are being drawn to. We Christians are being prepared, and at unprecedented rates, for a great homecoming. These changes seem to have the appearance of coming out of nowhere, and for no identifiable reason. 

When we notice something out of the ordinary like the symptoms mentioned, we usually want to know what it is, why it is, and how to be rid of it so that we can get on to being normal again. What we’re beginning to realize is that even what constitutes 'normal' is changing, never to return. Indeed there may never be a normal again. You are being prepared for your return to Reality. Home.

These signs are not only personal and internal. While we can't see it with our physical eyes, this is going on throughout the entire cosmos. We can certainly see massive changes here on earth, in politics, government, religion, weather phenomena, everywhere. And in one 24-hour period, which is right upon us, life as we have known it will become unrecognizable overnight for those who have chosen the path of the new reality - and for us, too. We will no longer live here. We never were more than 'just strangers passin' through,' anyway.

NASA is turning certain cameras off due to its fear of the blood moons! And in fear of the incoming objects.  They just shut down their 'eclipse' website, with no explanation. Some pastors say they are afraid of events to come and don't want to get involved in discussions and Q&A about the blood moons and eclipse cycles which have occurred only seven times since the crucifixion. I assume these would be pastors who are shocked to discover that Bible prophecy is coming true - literally.  

On May 24th the Pope will arrive in Jerusalem and a huge debris trail from the Comet Linear is expected to affect earth on that exact day.  The Sun's activity is affecting the earth's electrical and gravitational fields, as well as your new physical and spiritual idiosyncrasies.
Now, this unusual energy has a polarizing impact, and will push the old reality out and away from the Planet, replacing it with a new matrix, one appropriate for the strong delusion that God is bringing for those who refuse to believe in the truth of His Word. Everything is in flux.

Those in the physical realm (on earth) who are going through all of these things in preparation for eternity in the heavenly realms are being watched with unprecedented levels of interest and intensity. The heavenly beings are watching everything and everyone; they are, after all, involved in every aspect of it. This is a 'once-in-the-cosmos' happening. The Event.

We are most certainly being watched over with great love and care at this momentous time that our Lord is engineering the entrance of His Church into a place He will share with us forever.

It is very difficult to keep one's balance, often feeling 'on edge.' A lot of individual fine tuning is going on, I believe. There was never a more important time to have clear vision regarding the truth of God's Word and to be unwavering in your defense of THE BIBLE. It is the very Word of God and it is every Christian's duty to defend it against all attacks. It is the final authority when compared with any other writings in all of history. We will be held responsible for this. 

The Bible clearly tells us that false prophets and false teachings will be a rampant sign of the age we are in. It is an act of LOVE to point this out if someone is in error in doctrine. LOVE is impossible without TRUTH. Scripture clearly tells us how vitally important this is, and we will be held accountable for loving people enough to tell the truth. The Bible is a vital part of our armor for the spiritual warfare we should be doing. We must hold to this truth and defend it at ANY cost to ourselves. 

At the top of this blog you will see the words ... "earnestly contending for the faith." That is what I do here. Defend God's Word - it is the only truth available in this world, and I love people enough to defend the only truth that came to humanity from God. If I hear any public person say that any part of this Bible is not true - and that some old pagan writing is true instead - it will be mentioned on this blog as a warning for the children. That's my job. That's what I do here. That is the BIBLICAL MODEL. 

I'm not defending unimportant differences that all Christians have - I'm defending THE WORD ITSELF. Because God will personally hold me accountable if I let such a thing pass. I have lost friends and family over this principle of putting God's Word first, so I'm not likely to shed a tear for anyone else - and the Bible tells us to expect these very persecutions and be prepared to give up friends and family for the sake of the Gospel.

I would certainly want someone to correct me if I made that kind of an error. It is an act of the deepest love for the person, and a reflection of God's perfect love for us.

When a bunch of people get together and defend a favorite personality despite such serious error, that is dangerously close to cult activity. (My favorite personality is Jesus Christ.) EXAMINE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE who attempts to teach you. I've been around long enough to see some of the most ridiculous ideas sold to people as being biblical. Some people are very gifted in doing so ... just look at all the TV nonsense preachers. Their very persona screams "Fake." Yet millions follow them. Why? Because they don't read God's Word - and it must be read all the way through - many times - to even begin to comprehend it.

I'm a little weary in this touchy, feely, no-substance, Christian culture of hearing sentimental silliness about love, love, love ... a love with no teeth ... and no cost ... very unlike the love of Jesus Christ, who willingly gave His life for our salvation. I plan to DEFEND HIS WORD at any price. Those of us who do this are no stranger to persecution ... most often from those who call themselves Christians! Deal with it.

Lighten up, people.

With a love that will fight for your very soul, CMR