James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Do You Do During Your Last Week on Earth?

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It's a legitimate question, considering the Day in which we live. BIG change is a-comin'. While no one can name the appointed time it is imminent. That is clear even to non-Christians and only the densest, most earthbound minds among us are ignorant of what time it is. It has been our job on this globe to enlighten everyone we meet about the good news of the Gospel. How well have we exercised that task given to us? Where has it been on our priority lists?

"Only what's done for Christ, will last" takes on greater magnitudes of significance right now as we realize only too well that we have only one life to offer our Lord Jesus Christ. We will soon see Him face to face and discover exactly how well we have used our time on earth - from His point of view.

The evil elite who rule this world in the service of Satan are now having a very real "Road to Damascus" awakening.They are truly panic-stricken as they come to grips with the realization that as they listened to the siren song of Satan, the promises of riches and power in the "new age," that they have been only tools used in the final evil game of Divide and Conquer and are about to reap the whirlwind. Literally.

The winds of change - both physical and spiritual - are here, and they are picking up speed. You may have noticed in the Bible that the LORD literally uses the forces of nature about 90% of the time to accomplish His purposes, and He is doing it again. The earth and the entire cosmos is shuddering and groaning under His physical and spiritual forces.

It is utterly useless to fight against these winds of change, which will be used to change everyone's reality. The Christians should be going with the winds, eager to be borne on them to their new dwelling place which the Lord has prepared for us. Those who have chosen the other path - the New Age "of peace" - will also be borne on these winds, but their destination will not be the one they are expecting. The new reality which awaits them will be the great delusion God is sending in on the wings of that same wind; it will completely engulf them as that veil descends over their minds and spirits and sweeps them into the completely demonic reality - the New World Order - which has been prepared for them. Hell on earth. In the name of Peace.

Each individual has had a choice to make, and is now about to live with the consequences for eternity.

Perhaps the most deluded of all are those who labor under the current delusion that they can change things by going back to the Constitution, electing the right officials (Ron Paul), voting for the right bills, getting out of the UN, changing the laws, electing new judges, even physically going to war to accomplish this - especially the part about going back to being a Christian nation, the taking over of the country by force (by the 'good military') - to achieve it.  

People need to stop trying to desperately hold on to the past. The US is NEVER going back to what you thought it was (although it will appear to be doing so). That is not God's plan - it is an impossibility. Every aspect of that thinking is delusional. Why? Because that is the very plan that the Man of Peace is preparing within days to sell to you! This has been the plan from the very beginning. I beg you to understand this. I wrote about this several years ago and predicted this very scenario.

We are now existing in a time of transformation. This change is God's own plan, and those who persist in this delusional thinking are out of His sovereign will. Read the Bible and see that His plan is entirely 'other' than going back. The next Act is tribulation. Period. 

As a Christian, this should be the most exciting time in life! Ride those winds of change with great anticipation because they will bring the Christian to the place God has prepared especially for them!

It's not about the United States. It's not only about the earth. This transformation will impact the entire Creation, an action of God that far surpasses anything that the average person comprehends. Expand your horizons!  This is the final culmination of an eternal war - a battle for which all of the spiritual beings have placed themselves strategically. The Super Bowl is a sandlot game compared to what we are now seeing come to fruition. It is vital to understand this. You ARE a part of this warfare whether you plan to get in the game or not. You're IN it. It is the greatest honor imaginable to live in September 2013, and it has been bestowed on you by your Creator, God Himself. The stakes here could not be higher.

A new world is birthing. Eternal decisions are being made. Don't miss experiencing this because it truly is once in a lifetime - actually, it's once in an eternity. If you're a Christian you have the advantage of having the game plan, and you've been given the armor and weaponry to win. This is God's Game. Be a winner.

Every philosopher, intellectual, spiritual guru, thinker - along with every created being, all the saints and angels, all of the Creation - has awaited this moment in time, has wondered what it would be about, how it would unfold, exactly what would happen. We are here. It's happening here and now.

Suit up. What more can I say? 

One final thing. That Comet Ison? As I have been saying for several years, regarding this object which has been given many phony names and descriptions, Ison is not a comet; it's Planet-X. It's here and it is playing the major role in these changes. I have always believed it is a special object, guided and directed by God Himself, for meting out various punishments and purposes. And over the past few months, I have a number of astronomers who are saying the same thing: It's Planet-X. That's reward enough for me. If you don't believe me now, you will later. 

What if I turn out to be wrong? It wouldn't be the first time.

Forget politics. Think eternal.


Royal Heir