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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Science Fiction ... Isn't

Any time you watch a science fiction movie you can be certain that it isn't fiction. These movies are a method of desensitizing the public to something that is already in existence. This is a pattern that has been followed for at least half of the 20th Century. The industrial/military complex creates it, then you see movies about it for the next ten years, and then, voila! It's a reality. It is unveiled. It was there all the time.

You may have noticed that some television commercials are showing people who disappear; that is, the atoms separate right before your eyes. This has been an accomplished fact for years. It's called 'cloaking.' You will also see commercials which are desensitizing you to interaction with robots ... or animals (who may be part animal, part human). These are an accomplished fact. Now. They are just getting us accustomed to the idea in a light and friendly commercial. And the idea of human/robot combos have also been accomplished.

There is a prophetic element to all of this. Genesis 11:6: "And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." This was the problem in the Tower of Babel situation, and it's the problem now.

John McTernan defines the Singularity as "the merging of man’s biological thinking and existence with technology to the point there is no distinction between human and machine".

He goes on: "The concept of Singularity and its exact definition are somewhat elusive, but in simple terms it means that man and machines have become interchangeable. Thus, when the biological and technical have merged, then Singularity will have been achieved. It is a word that few have heard or understand, but mankind is now in a technological explosion that is directly leading to Singularity. The science fiction that started in the 1950s has slowly become a reality. Roby the robot and the machine that vastly increased Dr. Morbius’s intelligence are now coming into focus as reality. Singularity is no longer science fiction: it is reality. Entire fields of science are now racing towards achieving Singularity. Old science such as physics and biology are involved, but entire new fields of science are being created that deal with advancing Singularity. These new fields include: synthetic biology, biocomputing, biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroprosthetics, and biomedical engineering.

"There are now breakthroughs towards Singularity nearly every day. In most cases, the scientists have no idea that science is racing to create Singularity. In some cases, the scientists are well aware of what they are doing and are directing all their energy to create Singularity. What can appear to be fractured advancements are really just parts of a puzzle coming together. As Singularity gets closer, there will be direct cooperation with all scientific disciplines to bring it to completion. Ultimately, the objective of this explosion in technology will be to bring Singularity to pass.

There is a spiritual aspect to Singularity that is part of Bible prophecy that must come to pass. Man is racing toward a scientific conclusion and many have no idea that they are working to bring this about. When mankind reaches Singularity it will result in an incredible confrontation between man and God."

So, even though the public is largely unaware of what is happening - or its significance - we are well down that path. Humans are being blended with machines. While this may have begun with good intentions such as medical advances, it is already knee-deep into evil.

Since about 2007 it has been increasing exponentially, and futuristic scientists have estimated that Singularity will be reached between 2009-2019. When it does occur, it will alter our reality. There are two key concepts involved: the merging of the human body with mechanical technology and the creation of artificial intelligence: a transhuman being. Transhuman is the result of achieving singularity.

Quoting McTernan:
"This being is far superior in intelligence to “normal” humans. The transhumans will have either intelligence amplification or artificial intelligence. There will be direct brain to computer interface and possible mind transfer. This means all the thoughts and emotions in a person’s mind could be downloaded into a computer and stored or transferred to another location. This concept of mind transfer is very important for understanding what the Bible describes as The Image of the Beast.

"Some actually write that Singularity is speeding up evolution. The idea that man somehow would naturally evolve into a machine over a million year time period is beyond ridiculous. These scientists believe that man has evolved beyond evolution and now can control the direction of the evolutionary process.

"They look at the biological human as bound in a frail limited body that through the process of evolution can advance into a new species, a Cyber Sapiens! The evolution of technology is just the continuation of biological evolution. This idea of technological evolution as a natural process is not being promoted by kooks, but by many leaders of these scientific fields. This is not coming from some fringe element, but from the leading centers of science from all over the world!"

The Bible refers to 'so-called science,' speaking of the foolishness of man's mindless philosophical arguments. This is a prime example of man seeking immortality, to become gods, just as Satan promised Eve. These so-called scientists - revered in the annals of humanity - are about to land themselves in a place they do not believe in ... face to face with the Creator of the universe.

To read McTernan's entire article, which is incredibly fascinating, go to:

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