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Monday, October 4, 2010

Glenn Beck's "Four Revolutionaries"

Following Glenn Beck's "Divine" event in Washington, D.C., on his September 17th television program he continued to advocate pluralism and universalism.

The program was about four men that led revolutions: Jesus, Gandhi, Moses and Martin Luther King. I listened carefully, and Jesus Christ was never recognized as our Lord, God incarnate, but was consistently discussed as just another person who was a successful revolutionary. When discussing Jesus as a revolutionary, Glenn made numerous statements that were not biblically accurate, and that did not accurately represent Jesus Christ.

Beck goes on to say that he has made a deep connection to all four individuals and that "their truth is so universal." Beck said "their truth," as if they were equal in the messages they brought. This is total postmodernism and universalism.

Gandhi's grandson was on the show, and proclaimed that all religions are the same. Even Alveda King, who claims to be a Christian, did not express any disagreement with this pluralistic propaganda. Gandhi's grandson went on to proclaim that all humanity is one. This is the belief of monism and pantheism as promoted in the Hindu religion of Gandhi. Nor did Beck ever disagree with this point of view.

Morehouse College President Dr. Robert Franklin proclaimed that Martin Luther King, Jr. combined his beliefs of Jesus with the beliefs of Gandhi. Franklin says: "Jesus provides the theory; in a sense Gandhi provides practice."

In attendance were 240 pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis who literally locked arms with each other, certainly sending a unified message that they were in agreement with Beck's pluralistic push and promotion of universalism. What will it take before even one pastor or Christian leader separates himself from Beck's unbiblical campaign and agenda?

Brannon Howse, of Worldview Weekend, says that evangelical leaders and Mormon leaders have had numerous hush, hush, meetings to bridge an agreement together. He also says that the merging of religions is so popular that Christianity Today magazine ran an article on how one could be a "Messianic Muslim." That is a Muslim that "accepts" Jesus but still follows Muhammad. Can you see the one-world religion coming together?

To listen to Howse's radio program comments on these subjects, including clips of the Beck event, it is available on MP3 at:

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