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Friday, October 22, 2010

Letter to Bob Jones Family

Since some of my readers knew Bob Jones. I'm sharing a letter I wrote to his family. For those of you who don't know him, if you are over 10 years old you will identify with it anyway! And I seriously doubt if I have any readers ten or under :-)


Dear Family of Bob Jones,

My husband, David, and I loved Bob and were at the funeral. Although we know none of the family, we enjoyed seeing you and hearing some of you speak … especially the grandson.

My parents, Rev. James and Viola Massey, were very good friends of Bob. They met around 1993-4 at Wallace Baptist Church. My parents moved to Wallace and lived with us in 1991. They were with us off and on for about 10 years, between moves back to Stockton to live in senior housing. They would get tired of not having the conveniences of town, and then they would miss Wallace and move back! This happened two or three times.

My father died in 2002, and Bob was so upset about it. He was so kind to my mother, and he would call her now and then. I believe my dad died the same year Bob’s wife died. Anyway, in 2006 my mother had a mild stroke and we moved her into Stockton to the same place they had lived before, but this time she had to go into Skilled Nursing.

I was so disappointed that I couldn’t keep her here; I had planned on taking care of both of them as long as they lived, but she needed 24-hour care after the stroke, although she was up and about. She had been in a wheelchair for a number of years (arthritis), so she actually didn’t lose anything due to the stroke, even though initially they took her to Hospice House. She completely recuperated! And that’s when we took her to the nursing home. I knew that I could no longer meet her needs, and she needed people. She was very social, and I just really couldn’t keep up with all of it. Still, I wish she could have stayed here. It always bothered me. I visited her 2-3 times a week, and we would have lunch for a couple of hours. I know the other people wondered what we had to say to each other constantly. We never ran out of things to say!

She went to be with the Lord in November 2008. Shortly afterward, we discovered Stone Corral Church and found Bob there! Every single Sunday I stopped at ‘his pew’ and he would take my hand and ‘gallantly’ kiss it, and then he would say how much he missed my dad, and his eyes would well up, and I would give him a big hug. Oh, how he loved my father. They both had such a sense of humor, and my dad was from West Virginia, just a regular guy.

When Bob lost most of his sight, on Sunday morning I would walk over to him, and he was always looking at the person even though he couldn’t identify them – so I would always say, before he could wonder, “Hi Bob. It’s Carole.” And his eyes would tear up again, and he would go through the same routine.

I felt so badly that I didn’t see him in the nursing home. I really had no idea he was so near the end. I had made plans for David and me to go see him, and had even purchased a large bag of peanut butter cups to take to him. And then I got a nasty flu or something, and by the time I completely recovered, he was gone. I was so disappointed.

I realize you don’t know me, but I thought you would like this detail. I remember how I would smile when people sent me little tales about my own parents. I still have all the cards and letters. There is no doubt, not a shred of doubt, in my mind that Bob is with my parents right now, and we will all see them soon. I am an avid Bible student and have spent years studying the spirit world, heaven, angels, etc. I can’t prove it, but I think I have a pretty good grip of all of it. I have a blog at: if anyone in the family goes on the internet.

We deeply share your loss, but are comforted by the assurance that he is with our Lord … and with my parents, and many, many others. The Lord is coming very, very soon, and we will see them all once again. What a grand reunion that will be! Bless you all.

_____________________________________End of Letter

I know I'll see him soon, but I wish I had a picture of him. I smile every time I think of him ... and daddy ... and mother ... and Jerry ... and everyone. What a great reunion it will be. Some day very soon. :-)

Royal Heir