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Saturday, April 24, 2010

UFO Disclosure/Contact, Part 1 - Missler

A few days ago I promised to post information from a recent seminar, "Official Disclosure: Prepare For Contact," featuring top researchers, ex-government agents, world-famous field investigators, physicists and theologians. I will try to remember to title these "UFO Disclosure/Contact," so that they will be easily identified as to subject matter. When I have finished all of the posts, I will put them all on their own page (see left side of blog, "PAGES") so all UFO posts can be accessed in their own area.

This will be the first post in that series. Everything in this blog comes directly from the person interviewed here, Dr. Chuck Missler, of Koinonia House ( His background is with the Office of Naval Intelligence, where he had top security clearances and was the former Branch Chief of the Board of Guided Missiles and CEO for four defense contractors. He and his wife now teach Bible seminars all over the world, and they have written a number of books. You could say that his areas of expertise are military classified operations and Bible knowledge.

He says that the UFO is the most difficult area to research due to all the hoaxes and misinformation, and DISinformation. Many people have kept silent about the subject until recently because it is so difficult to find a channel for one's views that has credibility. It is not only important, but refreshing that numerous people are now coming out, from all disciplines, with the results of serious research.

He co-authored a book called "Alien Encounters." What made him write such a daring book, especially since he had talked two other theologians out of writing about it for fear it would ruin their reputations? He says when he could be silent no longer, he decided to write the book since he had nothing to lose! He was not officially known as a theologian. The reality of the situation compelled him to address it. He knew that at least thirteen of the astronauts saw UFOs on every single mission.

As CEO of four different defense contractors he had access to very sensitive info and would not breach that, but one of the most surprising discoveries is that the area of UFOs and related issues carries the highest security class - higher than ANY of our classified warheads, higher than presidential security. Everyone wants to talk about Roswell, but the real mystery of Roswell isn't what happened, but why is it STILL classified 60 yrs later? There are at least 432 cases in the military showing UFOs are intelligently guided, and there are thousands of authentic documents that are classified, multiple radar readings; this isn't speculation, but military facts.

He had read and has great regard for Stanton Friedman's book about Roswell and MJ-12, on which Friedman had spent 20 years amassing tons of documentation and was an incredibly revealing book. He was also aware that most people either 1) had never heard of MJ-12, or 2) dismissed it as a hoax - thanks to a brilliant disinformation campaign by the government. He personally believes MJ-12 is very real, obviously went under different names as it progressed through the years, and exists today.

Missler was also knowledgeable about Frank Drake's equation that kick-started the SETI program, an equation that determines the number of galaxies that are capable of inter-stellar communication. The proceedings of a conference held in New York with 84 experts in attendance were published. They concluded that there was no realistic probability of life
elsewhere in the universe. The scientific and mathematical chances were determinative to the point of being absurd. The unanimous conclusion was that life here on earth is an anomaly and is a miracle.

June 2005 Scientific American had an interesting article saying that the constants seem to be constantly changing; if so, that implies that our physical reality is 'but a shadow of a greater reality'. This was also confirmed by the GEO600 experiments this past month in Germany. It is looking like the universe may be a hologram, a concept at the frontiers of current science. Our physical reality has a boundary, it is impossible to discuss without moving into the theological arena. The likelihood is that if we do encounter communication we must consider the possibility, then, that it is demonic activity. Most scientists do not like this, of course, but many are coming around to the inevitable conclusions.

The basic contradictions we are facing are that, on the one hand they leave physical evidence behind - radiation, burning, showing up on multiple radars simultaneously - and on the other hand, they violate physical laws. Two of the most highly respected researchers, Jacque Vallee and Hynek, both came to the conclusion that they are demonic and hyper-dimensional, not inter-galactic or extra terrestrial. The scientists at CERN have openly said that their experiments might open dimensional gates.

There is now ample evidence that these entities are hyper-dimensional, not ET. Science currently believes we live in 10 dimensions, and this is really the only rational way you can explain the physics of UFOs, and also for biblical reasons. Maimonides, one of the greatest Torah scholars of the Middle Ages, also concluded the universe has 10 dimensions. Is there a realm here that we would call demonic? Vallee and Hynek believe many of these encounters are deceptions even though they present themselves as benevolent.

It is interesting and significant that Vatican astronomers are deeply involved with this subject. They have embraced Islam, which is shrewd geopolitics. They have also become friendly with evolution, which is clearly disprovable scientifically, so Missler is suspicious and shocked at their positioning on these issues and sees political power as the goal. They are hedging themselves, and he has an expectation there will be some huge surprises in this arena. Deceit is the primary weapon of the demonic world. Jesus continually warns of this. [NOTE: I will be writing more on the Vatican, its origins, and its probable leading role in the Antichrist religion.]

The latest edition of the Whistleblower discusses the hijacking of science. Virtually every field of science is now subject to falsification of data and political pressures. The Vatican has spent a fortune on all this. They know what's approaching the earth, according to statements by the late Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider who it is believed by many, was murdered.

Timothy 6:20: "...keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:..."

All these tests that we talk about with SETI and the Drake Formula, if you apply the same kind of thinking to the 66 books of the Bible you're in for an astonishing surprise because you can demonstrate that every detail there is anticipatory of the rest.

Missler says that two things changed his life. The first was the discovery that the 66 books of the Bible evidenced deliberate design. He doesn't mean thematically; He means that even though these 66 books are written by 40 guys over 2,000 years, there is evidence that every detail in them is there by deliberate design. Once you discover that, then you're confronted by a second aspect - the origin of that design had to come from outside our time domain. Because, with a precision that's astonishing, it writes history before it happens.

Missler: "I get so frustrated when I hear well meaning people say you can't prove the Bible, BECAUSE YOU CAN. You can prove that every detail is there by pre-design. You can demonstrate (with the same clarity that Sagan used in his novel, "Contact") that these 66 books were deliberately designed. Now, the most astonishing book about the anthropic principle comes from Gonzales and these guys who discovered that not only does the universe appear to be designed FOR MAN, we discover that it's BEEN DESIGNED TO BE DISCOVERED. The peculiar mathematics, for instance, between the earth, the sun, etc., that it gives rise to a solar eclipse is so precise, without which we would not have discovered spectroscopy. We now discover that we're in the exact position in the galaxies needed in order for us to discover the rest. In "The Privileged Planet" (DVD/book) they've made a major discovery with huge implications in terms of our understanding of what's really true. "

The Bible is instructive with regard to this subject. We have to go there cautiously but the real root of understanding comes out of Genesis 6, where we have these fallen angels contrive to create hybrids, which are embodied in all of our mythology of ancient people, as typified by the Greek examples. You really won't understand the OT unless you realize that God told Joshua to wipe out certain tribes - every man, woman and child. You read that as a New Testament reader, and it's shocking, unless you understand that the whole point of the Noah issue was to cure the gene pool problem created by these intrusions. That sounds pretty spooky until you get to the NT where Peter and Jude corroborate that perspective. [NOTE: It is my own belief, too, that the entire Bible cannot possibly be understood without this foundational understanding.]

The so-called "angel view" of Genesis 6 is a foundational issue. What's amazing is that it is not taught in most of our seminaries. When Missler talked to publishers about his book, senior executives in publishing were very angry, because they had theology degrees and didn't even know of the existence of that view. A counter-view that is taught is called the 'Sethite view,' which is not supported by scripture, and is illogical.

The Bible clearly teaches the angel view if you simply accept what it says - and it has major implications. It's a critical piece of the puzzle in terms of recognizing from a biblical perspective that there are not only demons and hostile creatures, but there are also hybrids that are part of our history. The reason it's so relevant is because Jesus himself makes reference to the fact that 'as the days of Noah were, so shall the days of the coming of the Son of Man be.' If you start studying eschatology, you discover that you've got to make a lot of allowance for some of these remarks which imply that the conditions which preceded Noah's flood are conditions that we will see emerge again. So, that's one of the reasons that this whole area of UFOs is a relevant area of inquiry for people who do take the Bible seriously, and that is what led him to do the book "Alien Encounters." [NOTE: Even as a young person, with no instructor, I understood these passages by merely reading the Bible, and yet most theologians are misled on this issue.]

You will not understand the OT unless you understand Genesis 6, and you can't really appreciate what Jesus is saying in Matthew 24 unless you understand Genesis 6. In addition, all the pseudopigraphal material and ancient records support the angel view [including Enoch]. You'll never find anything anywhere that supports the other view. This means there was a general consensus of ancient knowledge that understood what had happened, and it was in support of the biblical record. The English theologian, G.H. Pember, wrote an 1876 masterpiece "Earth's Earliest Ages." He broke down the 'days of Noah' prophecy, and he said that the final thing before Christ's return would be the return of the spirits of the Nephilim - the appearance on earth of beings from the principality of the air, the unlawful intercourse with the human race.

NOTE: This Missler interview will be continued on another post. Remember that I must listen to each hour of the seminar and take notes before I can post the information to the blog. I'll post them as I listen to them ... otherwise I would be so far behind that the entire task would be too daunting :-)

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