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Friday, April 23, 2010

ET's - Spiritual Mentors?

I read an article entitled, "Aliens: The Next Spiritual Mentors?" and, even though I completely believe that ETs/UFOs are demonic in nature and will assist in ushering in a new spiritual aspect for the new Antichrist world religious to hail as just that - mentors - I was nevertheless shocked to actually see it in print. It is a confirmation of everything I have believed for many years about the UFO phenomena.

While we have had a plethora of books, TV and movie themes about aliens over the past 25 years, they have rarely talked directly about a spiritual relationship with these beings. There have been a few exceptions.

Enemy Mine, a 1985 film, depicted an intergalactic war between us and an alien race called Drac. Starting as enemies, a human finds himself on an island with a Drac who refers regularly to a religious book. The two slowly become friends and discuss the philosophies of life's large issues. This results in a deep friendship between the two. The result is that the human being learns a great deal of 'wisdom' from the ET, which changes his life positively.

A fiction series called the Green Stone of Healing is another example, which features an alien who seems to have qualities which we identify as those of angels. He can materialize and re-appear at will and assumes physical form for easier communication, reminiscent of angel appearances in the Bible. He is clearly a spiritual being who teaches the man things which are very different than what he has previously believed to be true, thus examining his faith, which results in a 'higher understanding' (higher consciousness) which provides him with tremendous spiritual growth. The alien takes a very hands-off, subtle approach, which is even more inviting to the humans. He even heals one person and comforts all of the humans during trying times. He seems to show a great reluctance to intervene due to his great respect for free will of the humans.

This is especially interesting and relevant, because almost without exception, when people have 'spirit guides' and communication with aliens, the aliens always insist that the people express of their own free will a desire to know more. When studying this subject, it has always been striking to me that they require this 'free will consent' before 'enlightening' humans. I have come to understand that this is apparently a legal requirement placed on these entities - apparently by God their creator!

A third example of speculative fiction portraying intelligent non-human beings with a highly developed spirituality is Alien Nation, the television series. Most of these alien newcomers are just regular folks like you and me, with a normal life, jobs, homes, children. However, their religious traditions and rituals are extremely important to them, and the series relays the message that they have superior understanding in the spiritual realm from which we humans have much to learn. The humans always benefit from a relationship with them.

These representations of aliens among us always portray them as spiritually superior to us, with greater wisdom, truth and understanding. This is highly seductive to people, since we are born with a desire to know God, and it is always so much easier for man to accept an 'easy spirituality' which makes him see himself in a better light. Satan always plays to the ego, so that the human being becomes more knowledgeable. This feeds and builds up self, the greatest obstacle to a real relation of obedience to the one true God, our Lord.

We are being acclimated to a relationship with these beings which are portrayed as making us feel so complete, so good, so at one with the universe, just as the new age religion teaches. It's the same tactic Satan has used since the garden of Eden. He comes as a creature of light ... and leads humanity to its death, spiritually and physically.

It is critical to be armed with knowledge about the demonic powers, their seductive approaches to mankind, and to be prepared to hear much more about them and their religious philosophy which as already infiltrated the Christian faith with great apostasy.

Know your adversary and all his wiles.

A Child of the King