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Friday, August 22, 2014

Married 33 Years + Interesting Numbers

My husband and I have been married 33 years today, or as my minister father would have put it, "33 years of connubial bliss..."  Our family always had a lot of fun with that terminology.

It dawned on me two days ago that my husband and I have some pretty interesting numbers today:

Both of our birthdays fall on the 11th of a month

We were married on the 22nd of August

We have been married 33 years today.

Being familiar with occult numbering systems I found this incredibly fascinating. Even though Lucifer and Company regularly uses these very numbers over and over again for various purposes, let us not forget that it was God who created numbers and their significance. Lucifer only does what he does best - counterfeits and deceives with them.

So, my conclusion is that God ordained these numbers for my husband and myself. To what purpose I haven't the foggiest. But there is order in them, and therefore significance. I get 'positive vibes' from this information.

We wouldn't trade these 33 years for anything. We love each other more than words can say. Entering one's elder years with the person you love - and who loves you - more than anything in life is a very sweet comfort ... connubial loaves and fishes. Multiplied blessings.

The Lord is good. And I am thankful and full of JOY.

I'm thinkin' the Rapture is 44 :-)