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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Talk Planet-X ... We See The Effects Everywhere

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After spending several years researching this I came to a conclusion which has only been reinforced as time goes by. The only reason I am allowed to continue writing about it is because I am just a small fish in the pond. Many scientists and informed others have died strange deaths over the years.

The truth is that Planet X is real and it is a major reason for the weather havoc we are currently having and which will increase. The strange booms, the bird deaths, the sinkholes, strange light effects, humming sounds, even musical sounds as in this 1-minute video. These are harmonics (as in "Harmonic Convergence"), a frequency result of the vibrations of the air and water waves, along with the earth movements.


We know full well where this is all leading.  At any given point in time, half the globe will be having some tension in its rock. Grinding fault lines, vibrating bodies of water, trembling rock strata resisting being pulled apart, and snapping rock being compressed. This will only increase and become noisier, and most will rightly conclude that the End Times have arrived. Going clear back to Sumerian and Egyptian writings all cultures refer to these coming times in their prophecies. The establishment, playing its destined evil role, will act as though it is oblivious to anything gong on, but I assure you the elite are obsessively preoccupied with final preparations for their underground cities, and they are trying their best to keep us preoccupied with phony terror, whistle blowers and other game plots. 


Amazingly, these chemtrails which have been ongoing for at least fifteen years, serve several ingenious purposes. One is to mask Mask Planet X from being seen by the people, but another purpose is of course to depopulate the earth. This started out years ago in limited locations in order to test the efficacy of the ingredients used. It has worked quite well, and many of the respiratory (and other) conditions are due to the success of this program. Immeasurable tens of thousands of sea life and bird life has succumbed as well.


The dramatic rise in earthquakes over the past ten years is perhaps the most telling indication when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system, asserting a dominant magnetic influence upon the Earth. Both NASA and the USGS know this, but the inane stories that come out of NASA are so childish that it is a certain reflection of the pressure they are under to hide the truth as they concoct stories about global warming and such tall tales. Among those who monitor such things, the USGS is notorious for changing the numbers on quake reporting - both the number of quakes and their magnitudes. They have all been on a campaign the last year or so to shut down websites and videos which show the truth. Fracking has become the most recent fallback position.


Fireballs have traditionally been blamed on asteroid and/or meteor activity,  The fish deaths due to methane being released in the oceans are blamed on seasonal die-offs and all manner of other nonsense. Volcanoes, tsunamis, disappearing seasons, odd positions of off-course planets which, by the way, was one of the first indicators of PX years ago - keep them busy thinking up new explanations. Sometimes, may out of sheer exhaustion,  they just openly hide it as is often the case with their SOHO pictures; they frequently just block out the pictures of what is really there!The pounding by PX of earth's magnetosphere has completely deformed it and continues to this day. When it became impossible to blame this on the sun they just stopped commenting altogether. 
Just in the past few days many pictures like this have shown up near the sun. Many who follow the satellites of this say this is Planet X. I don't know, but as someone who keeps up with the satellite pictures I can say that it's past extraordinarily to see anything like this at all. And it appears to have 'fellow travelers,' which of course we know the PX system does have.

 The most astounding thing about this image - which was also seen in 2011 as I recall - is the "winged disc," a major icon of the mystery religions. Many believe this is a 'vehicle' of Satan. I've never thought so, but ultimately the LORD is the master of all things End Times. He makes the ultimate decisions about His creation. Period.

The Planet X complex is very difficult to see - first, due to its odd course being below the ecliptic most of the time and second, it is most often lost in the glare of the Sun. It has often been seen over the past few months, but requires an infrared. It can usually be seen only at sunrise or sunset when the glare of the Sun is reduced. 

Our sun is 'dying,' and is believed that Earth will become a binary system with two suns. This is the case with some 70% of all planets in our Universe. A second sun can at times be seen and I have seen a dozen photographs of it. When I have saved the file and returned at a later time the picture is always missing - NO!  I find a binary system easy to accept. God's Word indicates there will be no need of the light of the sun when He rules on earth,. Why do we have so much trouble taking him at His Word?

 I just wanted to touch base with all of the PX fans out there. I have not wavered from my beliefs in this heavenly body. I have written many blogs on this subject. For anyone who is new to the blog, you can scroll back through five years' worth of articles, and I believe every PX blog has the name in the title.

My belief is that Planet X is serving God's purpose and will continue to do so throughout the Tribulation Period, with its most massive damage at the very end. 

As I have said so often, there is nothing to fear. God has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear is nothing but a lack of faith. And faith .... well, the Lord asked if there would be faith on earth when he returned. Strengthen your faith by spending time daily in his Word and with Him.

This, too, shall pass.

Royal Heir