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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Many Times Are You Baptized By The Holy Spirit?

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Is Spirit Baptism a One-Time Event?

At the heart of the controversy over charismatic theology and practice is a simple question: What is the nature and purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Is Spirit baptism an internal, one-time event that occurs at the moment of salvation, or is it a subsequent event that’s manifest through ecstatic expressions of tongues, signs, and special revelation?

In the following audio clip, John MacArthur explains from the Bible the nature of Spirit baptism, and how it is brought about in the lives of believers.   (Video is 1:44)

By categorizing Christian conversion and baptism in the Holy Spirit as two separate works of God, charismatics have created for themselves two separate classes of Christians. The Strange Fire conference will bring necessary correction to this false dichotomy by carefully examining what Scripture teaches about the work of the Spirit. For more information about Strange Fire, please visit the conference website.