James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Friday, December 6, 2013

ISON Group Will Bring About The Strong Delusion

ISON has led us to Planet X & Company (Nibiru etal) - a mini solar system, some would say. I believe it is an intelligently driven complex, and that this PX group of entities includes one unit which is referred to by the Hopis as the Blue Kachina, due to its color. The Blue Kachina is hiding the Red Kachina, which will reveal itself soon. This group is a harbinger of things to come within days to a few weeks.

I think I know much more detail about these visitors, their purpose, and multiple new and terrifying planned deceptions which are incredibly fascinating, but I don't believe I have permission to comment or speculate on all this. As I began to formulate a blog on this matter I had a sense of being firmly instructed not to do it. Wouldn't you just know I would get some last difficult test while still here on earth? And after I've put so much time and energy into this subject for the past couple of years ... well, so be it. I'm determined to be disciplined enough to pass all tests of which I am aware.

I will say this. The Fallen Angels/Nephilim Team has had tremendous setbacks over the past several years, especially this year.  I've heard they are at least ten years past their original target dates. They are now, however, on the verge of success. Why is that? Because all of this is God's Will! He wants all of the coming events and deceptions to be accomplished, and soon, it appears. He has his schedule, and that's the only one that counts. Everything they want and plan to accomplish is under his control and serves his ultimate will and purpose. 

We know from The Word that his will is to remove his saints, bring a strong delusion on mankind, and to allow Lucifer to fulfill his agenda, so that all of this goes forward in order to bring in the end time tribulation prior to the reign of Jesus Christ on earth. It appears at this point that everyone is in a big hurry and has moved to warp speed, so apparently God wants nothing which will cause further delays, and that would include further speculative information about Satan's coming deceptions and plans. It seems that all parties are now on the fast track to completion. So, I'm climbing aboard, too. I am definitely all for the fast track.

I had some exciting stuff and feel like a cat robbed of its mouse. I have always known I would live in this time, I have always considered it the highest honor to do so, and if I am correct that this is one more test of obedience, it's just beyond amazing. Pure joy.

Who says we don't serve a very personal God? 

Now, I will just sit back and watch it unfold and see how much of it unfolds the way I think it will.
A Royal Heir