James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First, a blog is the writer's opinion. None of us is without opinions. But opinions are a territory fraught with danger because they may influence others, but more often they elicit opinions from the reader, especially if the reader disagrees.

First, some opinions are neither right or wrong. They're a personal view, attitude or appraisal. If I view peanut butter as tasting better than spinach, it's not right or wrong if your view is that spinach tastes better. Neither of us is in error; it's simply a personal attitude or appraisal of those two foods. It's not a matter of fact, but a matter of personal view. Even if a poll was taken, and 99 out of 100 people liked peanut butter, the spinach lover still is not wrong, because there is no objective fact or truth involved. It's just a matter of ... well, opinion.

Second, there are professional opinions. These may be right or wrong, but they can still lie partially in the area of personal view. If my doctor tells me I have jaundice, and another doctor diagnoses it as something else, one or both may be wrong or right. But each doctor's opinion is considered more important than, say, my cleaning lady's opinion. They are giving professional opinions based on education and experience, while her opinion is medically unprofessional, so I am likely to give more legitimacy to their opinions than to hers; although she may actually be giving the right opinion based on years of 'lay' experience. What I may do is look for yet a third professional opinion since I can't safely rely on the two opposing opinions, even though from professionals.

Third, an opinion may also be a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. As in the example above, without sufficient evidence to give me complete certainty I may come to my own conclusion and form my own opinion based on a host of other factors about all three of the participants. Maybe one of the doctors is whacked out on drugs much of the time, maybe the other doctor is notorious for bad diagnoses, and maybe the cleaning lady has for years been involved in herbal and non-traditional medicine with renowned success (she cleans for the exercise). Bingo! I'm going with her. Of course, my insurance probably won't cover it :-)

And now we come to the sticky wickets. These are opinions which must be based on objective truth because the stakes for being wrong are very high. Therefore, it is critical that the truth be discovered or the end will be disastrous.

Right up there at the very top of this last category I would place religious faith. If you get this one wrong, the stakes are eternal. Forever. It doesn't get any bigger than that. The truth is available, though. Fortunately for us, God Himself has an interest in you finding it, so if you search hard enough the Lord will find you. That's a spiritual law.

There are some other categories similar to that of faith, but on a lower level; and the level that immediately comes to mind is government. There are objective facts (right/truth), but they are difficult to find due to the spate of lies and disinformation (wrong). And, while the stakes are not as high as eternity, they are very high. You can't really afford to be wrong in your opinion.

This is the arena of concern to me. The vast majority of Americans have opinions that are not based in fact, but on false and rewritten history, an educational system deliberately engineered to teach what is not true, and a completely manipulated media. This is all by design, for the purpose of massive deception, and in order to achieve a particular goal, the ushering in of the Antichrist. It is a system that has been set in place by Satan, who has been perfecting and engineering it for centuries, knowing so well how human nature works. Americans are responding in exactly the manner desired, and right on schedule. Unfortunately, their faulty opinions are set in stone: "My mind is made up; I'm not interested in facts."

I'm fairly certain that knowing the facts could not possibly change the outcome because God has ordained events. But my fears are twofold: 1) when the facts slam into us with all the shattering reality of truth, people will completely lose their equilibrium and go to pieces; and 2) the level of deceit is now hindering, and will in the future hinder, our ability to discern spiritual truth.

My entire paradigm has radically changed in the past year or two because of truths that I have discovered. I would never have thought it possible. My opinions have drastically changed. Oddly, my faith has grown exponentially. That is really why I started this blog. I felt it was my duty to tell what I believe to be the truth to the best of my ability. Oh, yes, sometimes I write light-hearted, fun pieces with some irony, mixed in with the most serious of matters. I will continue to do that, depending on what 'comes over me' on any particular day.

I am also going to delve into some extremely fascinating subject matter, much of which may be new - or even radical - to you. It will be backed by hours, weeks and months, even years, of research. In some cases it will be research-based opinion (meaning that there is still research to be done), and I will so indicate. In most cases it will be my fervent conviction that it is the truth.

I'm inviting you on what may seem at times to be a strange and turbulent ride.

All I ask is that you keep a mind open to new information ... and possibly the truth.

A Royal Heir