James 5:1 (KJV) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Psychic Children

During the past few years I have been doing a long-term
study on the occult and New Age beliefs. Often I feel nearer
to the spirit world than I do to this physical one.

These things are all related: New Age, demons, the occult,
psychology/psychiatry (the 'wisdom of man'), global warming,
"Mother Earth" (Gaia), UFO's, hauntings, psychic detectives,
yoga, voodoo, New Age religions and much more.

The latest are the 'child psychics.' The newest fad in the
psycho-babble world is "Indigo Children" (the older kids) and
"Crystal Children" (the young ones). Their parents and
teachers seem to be thrilled about all of this, until they
have lived with it for a while.

At first they are beaming from ear to ear that these
children see spirits and orbs all over the place (including
their bedrooms at night, where they are scared to death),
do automatic writing, see auras, are clairvoyant -- all the
usual things the Bible has prohibited since Day One. They
portray it as though it were something new. Either they
know nothing of history or they are simply deceived.

Later it begins to come out how troubled these children
are. They have a variety of problems, not limited to, but
including slow to speak, panic attacks, depression, behavior
problems, they are stubborn and willful, fearful, emotionally
disturbed, afflicted with all types of illnesses, including
chronic fatigue, allergies and asthma all the way up to
worse things. Some attribute these phenomena to absorbing
all of the 'karma' from the people around them.

Many have imaginary playmates, often terrifying ones.
Often there is a family history of psychic ability, as is
frequently the case with demonic possession.

Many psychiatrists and psychologists are identifying
with and encouraging all of this. Some seem to be enchanted
and enthralled with it, encouraging the children to do an
odd assortment of things such as Indian chants, voodoo,
drumming, etc. They also teach the children "linking",
which is opening their minds to others and developing
telepathy. The entire community seems to see this as an
evolutionary step (New Age speak) which is definitely on
the increase, and is indeed becoming prolific in the U.S.
and elsewhere.

Many of psychiatrists characterize it as a form of mental
illness, such as ADD and ADHD, and they are treating these
children with drugs. And the public is eating it up.
Total deception.

All of this is as old as mankind and is demonic,
ranging from demon influences all the way up the scale
to complete possession. This is a spiritual problem.

Very few read God's Word anymore. Otherwise they
would recognize all of this for the evil it is.