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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UFO Disclosure/Contact, Part 12 - D. Doug Elwell (Includes Planet X)

Continuing information from a recent seminar, "Official Disclosure: Prepare For Contact," featuring top researchers, ex-government agents, world-famous field investigators, physicists and theologians. The post contains info directly from the featured speaker. Questioner is Thomas Horn. Any comments by me will be in brackets []. Very light editing done on Q&As.

Doug's educational background includes a B.A. in Cinema & Photography from Southern Illinois University, an M.A. in Communications, and an M.A. in Ancient History, both from Wheaton College (IL). Doug has worked in mass media communications since 1990, including book publishing, magazine publishing, web development, multimedia and related disciplines.

Q: I want to get your response to this spate of recent news coming out of the Royal Society. In particular, a headline about Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, and Astronomer to the Queen: "Aliens May Be Staring Us In The Face." What do you make of the current fascination that the scientific community and the world seems to have that we may be soon come into contact with off-world beings?
A: Well, I think the fascination has always been there with the supernatural. I find it interesting that it is becoming more mainstream. It seems as the culture and what has been science fiction is totally merging together. It's been very difficult to bring the scientific community kicking and screaming to the possibility of ET life, even though they themselves have been looking for it for the better part of a century, if not longer. They're finally coming to the conclusion that ET life is probably inevitable, given the huge number of stars and planets in the galaxy, just counting those we are aware of. But I also find it particular fascinating that the Christian community is involved with ETs and is including them with possibly demonic activity.

Q: You are doing research right now into something that I haven't heard any of these other people talking about, the subject of Planet X. What is Planet X?
A: It is a theoretical planet in our solar system which is only seen maybe once every couple of thousand years due to its odd elliptical orbit. It's possible that if there is life on that planet, that may explain the coming down of the ET demonics to earth to interact with mankind. We're not sure if PLanet X really exists. But this would explain the emphasis in some parts of the Bible on fallen angels coming down to earth and integrating with mankind to create giants. Occasionally these giants would make their way into the mythical record - at least twice. Once before the flood, and again during the time of Abraham and Moses. Both times there was judgment upon the earth, first the great flood which destroyed all the giants, and again during the time of Moses when the giants of Canaan were destroyed by the Israelites by God's order, because they were basically attempting to re-breed and re-create the world as it had been before the flood. They are apparently God's enemies and have been constantly at war throughout history, and much of the Bible and human history has been taken up with these wars of the gods, that have made their way into the histories and mythologies of various peoples including the Bible.

Q: Remind me of the titles of those articles that you wrote for your website, Mysterious World, that had to do specifically with the giants.
A: There was a series of four, based on the four general regions of the earth. "Giants of the Earth" dealt specifically with the giants of the ancient Near East, and the biblical descriptions of the giants all the way from the time of Adam to the time of King David and a little bit thereafter. King David and his mighty men actually ended up wiping out many of these giants, including Goliath. Goliath apparently had a number of brothers who were amongst the Philistines. In Canaan these giants were evidently the fallen angels which were at war with God. There appeared to be a kind of a proxy war going on between God and these fallen angels, on God's side through Israel and their descendants; and on Satan's side these giants were evidently modified human beings - literally hybrids of men and these fallen angels.

Q: You also wrote of about Ireland, and some of the giant myth, legend and history surrounding Ireland.
A: We went throughout all these European and American giant stories, and when we did our travel guide called "Mysterious World: Ireland" we traced some of the giants that were specific to Irish mythology and folk lore. It was quite interesting to read the histories of these giants who had personal names, histories and personalities. You don't see that much in the Bible, but in Irish folk lore many of these giants had personal names, and it was
interesting to see the magic they used to battle with each other, magic which I think was technology which we don't understand. But that was part of what these fallen angels gave to the giants. It wasn't just larger, stronger bodies. They also made them very intelligent and gave them gifts of technology. It's implied in Genesis, mainly chapter 4, where they worked metals, and also in their music; the two things that Moses focused on, because those are two of the most important technologies they were given by the fallen angels.

Q: Music, maybe because it can be a mesmerizing mechanism? You can watch stage musicians and see how they can manipulate an audience. They can influence an audience to do good or bad, just through the power of music. So why would they be teaching music? Incantations or something?
A: Possibly. I had a feeling that the implication was that music or the vibration was the tool they used to manipulate matter. There are references in Irish lore where they create transformations or possibly levitate people. We hear descriptions in some ancient stories about how certain people could use music to move giant rocks around.

Q: Does that have something maybe to do with the Great Pyramid?
A: Yes. Some people have theorized that possibly had something to do with lifting all those stones; it may have been accomplished by the use of music. So playing a song would literally cause the stones to move in a certain way, and they could be easily lifted and used to build a pyramid.

Q: One of our authors, Paddy Herrin, lives in Dublin, and he believes that these giants that were thrown down from this Planet X were the ones who built the Great Pyramid. Do you believe that?
A: Yes. I think he may be correct. I've considered that before, because he mentioned the New Jerusalem, which could be considered to be a pyramid because of the description of the shape. Most people believe it to be a square, but it could also be a pyramid. I considered the possibility based on his writings and some other thoughts I had on my own, that the Great Pyramid was built as a kind of mockery of the true pyramid in heaven, trying to emulate it on earth after they had been thrown down, but they failed to do so. But some of the tech they stole from heaven - I think they stole a lot of stuff from heaven when they were thrown down. They may have tried to recreate heaven on earth, but the pyramid was really the best they could do.

Q: I want people to be aware of your research beyond this conversation, because when they start reading the material on your websites, that's the best possible piece of your resume, showing evidence of you being a great thinker and researcher. On Planet X, when were these angels thrown down, and why?
A: My theory is that there was a war in heaven over control of the throne. I'm not sure whether the throne is actually on Planet X, or I'm thinking that Planet X is more of a gateway from the spirit realm to the physical realm, and controls the entry to heaven. So that is why there has been a battle in heaven over this planet, is my theory. And as a result it was necessary to cast Satan and the others who rebelled, down on earth and keep them trapped there so they couldn't continually try and retake Planet X for themselves and control that gateway. I recall your book about star gates and the Nephilim. I believe you theorized that the ancient Babylon was actually a star gate which was used for them to enter our world, is that correct?

Q: There could be something there. There certainly seemed to be something other than the official explanation for why we were going into Iraq. Of course, all the ancient stories involving the construction of the Tower of Babel, there did seem to be something that indicated that this character, Nimrod, didn't just pick where he constructed the Tower out of the blue. And my theory is that he was possibly being transformed into something else [through DNA tinkering], because it says that "he began to become a mighty"...and the Greek word there is gibborim (sp?) ... which we understand to be the offspring of the Nephilim. So the theory is that through these transformations the offspring of the Watchers might have been able to see into these other dimensions. Maybe this was a gateway, an opening. And there's a great deal of other extra-biblical text, and even indications in the Bible, that this might have been the case. So now, then, it changes the whole reasoning behind even why we invaded Iraq. Maybe we went there for something. Maybe there is something there in terms of technology that we don't understand. Do you think that kind of reasoning is just so far outside the box that no reasonable person would perceive it as having any legitimacy at all?
A: No. I think it's very reasonable. In fact, I believe the main reason we were in Iraq is to re-find Babylon. I think the rest of it just a ruse to get us in there with a massive military force. As you'll recall, the word Babylon actually means 'gateway of the gods.' So the idea of there being a star gate or some sort of spiritual gateway is actually central to the concept of Babylon. Now, there's no reason to control that area unless there is some sort of major reason for us to be there, and I think if there was such a reason we would want to be there to control others. [I'll never forget my amazement that the very first thing US troops went after, to secure, was the great museum. They were there within 24 hours, taking things out, and I was astonished at that priority.]

Q: Even the Sumerians' understanding of it was that it is the gate to God. But, how then, would you be connecting this to the idea of Planet X?
A: Well, I actually think it was the true heaven that they were thrown down from, and there is probably an even greater gateway there. Possibly the entry point for angels to interface between the spirit world and the
physical. That's just a recent theory. I want to try to understand why there would be such a need to control heaven. And why would there be a need to create a Babylon for a gateway; maybe literally there was a gateway there. That's why I believe it figures prominently in the creation material in the Bible. And in the end times. And interwoven with the concept of the creation was the concept of Satan being thrown down from heaven to earth, and the description of the creation of earth sounds very much like there's a near-collision with another planet, to which Planet X would answer the questions very nicely. There's no other way to describe how the moon was created from a planet roughly the size of Mars, hit earth and carved out such a huge portion of it that it remained in earth's orbit to become what is now our moon. This is an established scientific fact. That is called the "Giant Impact Theory," which is a mainstream scientific theory. In my new book I combine them with my Planet X theory, that it wasn't just some giant asteroid, but was actually a satellite of Planet X and struck earth. It accomplished several things, including creating the moon, the axial tilt in moving it into its orbit closer to the sun, and we'll go into great detail as to how this was accomplished and how this is really the only answer for how earth came to be in its present form. Because based on normal principles of solar system formation, based on what we can see, and what the Royal Society can see by observing other formative solar systems in our galaxy, the earth and some of the outer planets should not have any of the characteristics that
they display, and would require the interference of an outside object for earth to be in its present form.

Q: So we'll use the terms 'aliens' and 'angels' kind of interchangeably here because in your mind aliens, angels, we're talking really about the same intelligence?
A: Yes.

Q: So these aliens from Planet X, and some people like Sitchen and von Daniken, when they're looking at these cuneiform texts, let's say from Sumeria, and they're trying to find out what they're reading about and referring to these as flying geniuses, flying intelligences, aliens from other worlds, but you're saying that these same identities are what, in the Bible we would be calling fallen angels?
A: That's correct. They have all of the same attributes. They came down from heaven to earth, they interacted with humankind; and then they interbreed to create hybrids, they preach false gospels and alien philosophies and perform very evil acts. They're very wicked beings. People who have studied aliens per se will tell you that they're not very nice. In fact they're very wicked and very devious, and they're users and abusers. And if you look at the description of the fallen angels, that's basically the same thing. They're doing the same things, they're coming from the same place, and all of them appear to be working against God's purpose on earth by preaching false gospels and teaching men to do things that are contrary to the will of God.

Q: Some of the best secular researchers in the past - Hynek, Dr. John Mack, Jacques Vallee - all came to the same conclusion; that whatever these beings are, they are identical with biblical demonology. You mentioned the word 'hybrids.' So I want to ask you about Gen 6. What does that have to do with these aliens?
A: In Gen 6 we have the same thing happening. In UFO lore we also see it happening. We have these advanced beings coming down from heaven to earth and interbreeding with humans to create hybrid forms. In the ancient worlds these were called giants or Nephilim. They were very tall, and very smart and very good looking. Since the 20th century mankind has advanced dramatically in technological prowess, and we've actually gotten taller. Our general state of being is greatly improved by the advent of technology, and some believe that the tech advances we have made are due to being seeded by these alien beings who have given people various types of tech at various points in history; that they, then, have claimed to have invented on their own. This enters the stream of human commerce, and humans become more and more advanced, more like the aliens themselves than like the humans who lived on earth since the beginning. We've changed. We're different. Our intelligence level is higher. I couldn't tell you if there are giants on the earth now, but it seems that if such a thing were to happen, it's happening right now.

Q: Were these aliens destroyed in the great flood?
A: The aliens themselves were not destroyed in the flood. But their offspring were, and their works were. The aliens which appear to be at least partially spiritual in nature wouldn't have been destroyed in such a crude act as a flood; they would have been able to escape. But what they created on earth was totally destroyed, which was God's intention. The giants and all their great stone structures were, for the most part, annihilated, and probably their technology as well. We occasionally see artifacts that are buried very deeply in the earth, such as in coal mines - the Baghdad battery, etc., but for the most part they were destroyed.

Q: Why do you suppose the aliens created giants?
A: It's my theory that they wanted to create an army that they could use to fight against heaven, because they'd been thrown down from heaven. And it was Satan's intention, and his followers, to retake heaven for
themselves. But in order to do so they needed an army. So they took the seed of men - specifically the seed of Eve - and altered one of her eggs, I believe - and re implanted it, and this became the serpent line of Cain. And
from Cain came the giants, and the giants were then trained by these fallen angels in order to create an army that they could use to fight against God himself. I believe that they will try this, and ARE trying this, again in the end times. To fight against the second coming of Christ.

Q: The English theologian, G.H. Pember, in his 1870s masterpiece, Earth's Earliest Ages, analyzed the prophecies of Jesus Christ that said the end times would be a repeat of the days of Noah. Pember outlined what he called 'the seven great causes of the antediluvian destruction,' and documented how these were developing in his lifetime. But there was one of the signs that wasn't yet obvious in the 1970s; that was the 7th sign, what he called "the most fearful sign," which would be the return of the spirits of the Nephilim - the appearance on earth of beings of the principality of the air and their unlawful intercourse with the human race. That's how he said it. Do you agree, and would we see perhaps part of this in the increase in the manifestation of UFO activity in recent years? But would this also portend that this Planet X might be in some kind of elliptical orbit that will soon bring it back into nearness, into visibility? Do you believe that Pember was correct, that that would be 'the' sign of the days of Noah that Jesus had prophesied?
A: Yes. I believe that the last of the signs will be the reappearance of the Nephilim. They're probably in hiding, and in production right now. But they'll probably reveal themselves in a dramatic way - in a very heavy-handed and very carefully timed way - because I believe they were thrown down from heaven, which is probably Planet X, and they are probably on their way here right now through the inner solar system. And, if so, they have very little time to act because if what I think is going to happen, does happen, basically the near passing of Planet X is going to be so destructive to mankind that if we're not properly prepared all mankind will be wiped out. And they're trying to fight against this. But they're so heavily mismatched by God and his angels that they're desperate, and they're going to do everything they have to in order to survive, up to and including enslaving the human race. I believe we may be in the early stages of that with these economic problems. We can think of it as the beginning of sorrows. But the actual appearance of the Nephilim; it won't be like a government UFO disclosure. It's going to be something like major flying saucers at the White House, at a major global crisis. There will be nothing accidental or flippant about it. It will be a time of earth's greatest crisis when they make their appearance.

Q: Among the schools of thought concerning aliens, some believe that wherever there home base might be, they are also traveling to the earth off and on now, from distances using advanced technology, wormholes, etc. Others, however, believe that they are already here and exist in a parallel dimension and somehow are able to move through these gateways into and out of our reality. And then a third camp believes both are happening: some are already here; some are somewhere else; and that both, using far superior technology way beyond our comprehension, are already here in another dimension, or even holographic. We talked to Chuck Missler and he went into the whole idea of a holographic extra dimensional reality, basically the mind of God, if you will, that we're living within. What do you believe? Are we talking about beings that can travel here when they want to in some kind of technology we don't understand, or do they exist in a parallel reality, or is it both?
A: Probably it's a higher dimension, something like a parallel reality. I tend to believe, based on what the Bible seems to be teaching, that there is a higher level of reality called the spirit realm. And there's a lower level, which is the physical. And there are interface points between them, where there are gateways. That's why I was thinking about the idea of Babylon as a gateway, an illegally constructed gateway that God did not want created, so he ended up taking out the Tower of Babel before it became fully operational. I think there may possibly be certainly heavily guarded and contested areas that are interface points between these two realms, and that is where these spirits pass between the realms and come here to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. But there may be unauthorized entry points, too, which would be a serious issue for God to
manage the earth because they cause a lot of chaos. They manipulate God's creation and humans. I tend to believe there is a kind of dichotomy between the higher and the lower level of existence. And various holes in
space/time where these beings can sneak in unauthorized.

Q: You said "illegally constructed." Does this imply that under some conditions these forces would have a 'legal' right? In my 30+ years in the ministry I learned that demonic forces could actually have certain rights; in other words, where they are invited in, to a particular geography or a particular person's life, it almost takes on the form of a legal right. They have a right to be there, which is different than if they have no rights whatsoever to be there, in which case they're very easy to get rid of. But where they have invitations and rights it changes everything, and in my years of ministry I found that some people couldn't wrap their minds around that. There was a church Nita and I knew - when it was founded, many years later it was turned into an Assembly of God church. We knew the pastor there. But what he did not know is that many years earlier the building had been built by a local coven [witches]. And actually in the legal language it had been dedicated to spiritual forces. Well, for more than five years in that church the pastor had all kinds of weird, spooky stuff, like the church was haunted. Finally, one day the chief of police called him and said, "Hey, I want to show you something." He had found the old, original documents for the building, and how this legalese had been written in. And he was the first guy, Dr. Bob Cornwall, who had ever raised the question: did these beings have the legal right to be there? Now let me ask you a question. Is there any part about Babylon or anywhere else on the earth ...or this Planet X...where they have a legal right to be? Do they have a means of legal entry to our world, or is it all illegal, or does this terminology even apply at all?
A: God placed the fallen angels to administer it even from the beginning. From what I've been able to discern, they weren't very good in heaven, so he kind of demoted them to managing the earth. And so these various
powers and principalities and rulers have an authority over the earth which God gave them until such time as He found someone who could do it better. So I believe you are right; they do have the legal right to mastery over certain regions. And that building, I'm not sure they had a legal right based on a contract, but who knows? Every region has its own principality ruling over it; that's right out of the Bible.

Q: You're talking about the Divine Council.
A: The Divine Council, correct. God apportioned the earth according to the sons of God (in Deut 28?) . This is why the Nephilim formed a ruling elite over everyone they contacted because they believed that they had the
divine right of rulership, based on the fact that they were descendants of the fallen angels who had fathered them.. And in that, they were correct. Until God comes and replaces them. He'll do so...and in time. He'll replace them with Christians. They will remain in charge of the dominions of earth until they are thrown down into the abyss.

Q: So the fallen council [the fallen angels] is somehow connected to Planet X, the alien phenomenon?
A: I believe they were cast down from Planet X, and I believe that Planet X is an interface between heaven and earth. It's more of a tool or weapon that God uses, rather than the place where he lives. More of a military kind
of a Death Star situation. You don't really want to live there, but it's kind of handy if you're the King of the Universe. By the way, I think that Star Wars was one of the most brilliant anti-Christianity propaganda pieces ever created. They made it look like the divine king on the throne was in fact the evil emperor in charge of the death star, and the rebels were the good guys, and the empire were the bad guys. According to the Bible, the
opposite is true. Sometime in the future I'll write an article at called Star Wars Cipher, in which I talk about that concept at length as to Star Wars series, particularly the first one, was a brilliant anti-Christ propaganda designed to train people to rebel against the divine throne in heaven. Planet X is evil.

Q: One of the latest entries into the SW series, The Clone Wars. Ultimately do you believe the purpose of the alien agenda is to turn mankind into a kind of clone war, an army that could be used to fight against God?
A: Yes, they'll eliminate those who will not go along with their agenda, and then interbreed and clone those who will, and use them to fight against the Second Coming. That's my theory.

Q: How does Planet X fit into the end times equation? By the way, when you talk about Planet X are you also talking about Nibiru?
A: Yes, it's the same planet. Nibiru (Nee-bee-roo) is the Sumerian name, which literally means 'the planet of the crossing.' That means it's the planet that crosses the orbits of the planets. I believe that Planet X will be used by God to chastise the earth, shake it out of its place, to actually cause great physical discomfort, possibly even cause the earth to tilt on its axis even more. The Bible says the earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, and it would require the near passing of a planet-sized object to do that. Unless God would reach out his hand and push the earth, which I don't think he does. He tends to use other physical objects to accomplish his goals. But, also most importantly, I believe it will appear as the sign of the son of Man. Because just when that sign appears, that's when things really get bad for the inhabitants of earth. Matt. 24, this happens near the end of the tribulation period, after which time the seals hit - there are no more 1/3's and 1/2 measures [of the population; numbers of people who die]. It's major numbers of people dying. The kingdom of the Antichrist will be totally destroyed. And everyone on earth suffering from hailstones and terrible diseases. So I believe Planet X will be used by God.

Q: But now we're getting to a point which I personally think is maybe the most important point we'll make tonight. You mentioned the sign of the Son of Man appearing in the heavens. I want to get your input on recent Vatican comments "that there is a certain possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and that this would not contradict the Catholic faith." In 2005 another Vatican astronomer tackled the subject of extra-solar, ET life in a small book published by the Vatican, in which he concluded that the chances are better now, than not, that mankind is facing a discovery of ET intelligence. And before him, Msgr. Balducci went so far as to say that ET's were already interacting with earth and that some of the Vatican leaders were already aware it; he was never corrected by the Vatican. Then maverick Catholic theologian, Malachi Martin, was asked about 12 years ago, by Art Bell, why the Vatican was so heavily invested in the study of deep space at the Arizona conservatory. Fr Martin replied that it was because, at the highest levels of the Vatican "they knew what was approaching the earth within 5-10 years," and that it would be of "the greatest importance" to the earth. Someone used the term 'our space brothers.' Why do you think that the Vatican has been positioning itself in the way that it has in the last decade, in such an unprecedented way?

A: I think they've figured out that Planet X is on its way, and that it's about to figure very prominently in the end time equation: when Planet X comes down. The so-called space brothers are going to come right before it and tell us that they are God. I think the Vatican wants to be prepared for that eventuality. Some of them might want to say that, no, these beings are Antichrist, but some may want to say that these beings ARE Christ. I think the Vatican is a mixed bag right now, if you will, of true Christians and of Freemasons. [BINGO!] The Freemasons are the ones that worship these space brothers, and they want them to come down, because this is Lucifer - the same Lucifer that they've wanted to get the power from for many thousands of years, ever since the early Egyptian times. I think they're waiting for Lucifer to come down and enlighten us. But others may think that Jesus is coming, also, or both. But one thing that's clear; a telescope is not effective for searching for ET life, as we learned from Lowell's (?) attempt to study life on Mars. He thought there were canals on Mars. Even more powerful telescopes can't see the details of Mars' surface, even today. The only real use for a telescope is to search for other planets in our solar system, and distant stars. For large objects, small objects, and ET life...not effective at all. The only real reason I think they're using them is for Planet X. That was the first thing I thought of when I heard that they were doing that, because I was studying Planet X around the same time that they decided to build that telescope. [The Vatican is currently controlled by Lucifer-worshippers. As soon as I finish the UFO series on the blog I plan to do a series on the Vatican.]

Q: So you're saying this is why the Vatican actually created these observatories, so they could look for, or study, the approach of Planet X?
A: Correct. That's their primary reason. They might be looking for ET life, also; but the primary reason, and the only real reason they would have as religionists, is to search for God. And the search for God corrolates very
closely with the search for Planet X.

Q: And you also mentioned Freemasons. Of course I just put out my new book, which has a lot to do with that. And talking about the Great Seal of the United States, which is a prophecy of the return of Apollo at the end of time. Is this Apollo related to Planet X?
A: Possibly. Apollo actually, or Apollyon, is said to come up out of the abyss. So Apollo is probably one of the earlier fallen angels that were cast out, and locked in chains in the abyss - that Jude mentions. Probably he
was one of the fallen angels before the flood. It was so wicked and so out of control that he had to be chained up.

Q: And yet NASA refers to 'near earth orbiting objects' as Apollo objects. Why do they do that?
A: Possibly...I'm not certain... they use a lot of Greek terminology for a lot of things. They named one asteroid after Egyptian pharoahs. But it's an interesting question. If Apollo had something to do with one of these
near-earth asteroids, it could be the key to the abyss is actually an asteroid hitting one of our oceans and opening up a huge hole, out of which these fallen angels could then escape. [The reason NASA uses this type of terminology is that, contrary to what the public believes, NASA was never set up to do space research, but to accommodate the 'black ops' military for more esoteric purposes than simple space exploration.]

Q: Well, as you were talking, what it made me think is that maybe this has something to do with - as Planet X comes back into nearness to the earth - that this will signal that moment in time in which that spirit will rise up from out of the bottom ... maybe there's some kind of connection between the two.
A: Possibly, gravitational attraction will cause tremors or some sort of electromagnetic link to be switched off; who knows? Could be simply a reference to an asteroid hitting Europa. Planet X absolutely has a huge amount of asteroids, any one of which could hit earth and open up a hole in the abyss. In the Book of Job (Ch 28?) the other reference in the Bible to Abaddon, which is the other name of Apollyon, actually appears in Job in relationship to the creation. And during what I've determined to be the creation of the moon - by the cutting out of a huge amount of earth's mantle and throwing it into space - which I believe is actually described in Job, Sheol is uncovered ... and Abaddon has no covering. That's the only other place in the Bible where the word Abaddon is used, so it leads me to believe possibly some asteroidal impact will re-open the abyss and allow these creatures - these fallen angels - access to the upper earth again, during which time they'll create an enormous amount of mayhem.

Q: So you believe, then, that the Vatican has been searching for Planet X? And why?
A: They're searching for Planet X because they're searching for God. And God uses Planet X as one of his primary tools of managing earth. He used it to create earth; he uses it to manage earth at various points; he uses it to give signals of major events in salvation history; and he will also use Planet X to chastise earth in the end times. And possibly to replace earth at the end of the Millennium.


COMMENT: Previous to hearing this interview, I knew next to nothing about Planet X. I've heard it referred to, of course, but never researched it at all. I thought it was perhaps a figment of the fertile imaginations of New this was quite interesting and new to me.

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