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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ex-Mormon: The Mormons Worship Lucifer

Saints Alive in Jesus
Written by Ed Decker

Mitt Romney Christian or Cultist?
And the media frenzy about a Dallas Pastor saying
 Mormons are not Christians.

At a recent Perry rally, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress described the Mormon religion as a “cult,” agreeing with about 75% of Christian pastors throughout the country. His sin was saying it publicly in a political meeting.

The immediate and relentless media response was to beat the issue to death, all the while bashing the pastor and others like him for expressing their opinion publicly.

Fuller Seminary President, Richard Mouw, a staunch defender of the Mormon Church, said this about that:

Some prominent evangelical pastors have been telling their constituents not to support Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidential nomination. Because Romney is Mormon, they say, to cast a vote for him is to promote the cause of a cult….. I beg to differ….. While I am not prepared to reclassify Mormonism as possessing undeniably Christian theology, I do accept many of my Mormon friends as genuine followers of the Jesus whom I worship as the divine Savior. Richard J. Mouw, Special to CNN October 9th, 2011

The Problem with DR. Mouw and other Christian leaders like David Barton is that they don’t seem to realize that their Mormon friends play the word/definition game with them, all the while smiling like they are best of friends.

When I was a Mormon, we called men like Mouw and Barton “Hirelings of Satan.” Now, in the new, friendlier “Emergent” Mormon Church they are brothers. Seems more like a pack of those ravening wolves the Scriptures warn us about. One of the signs of a cult is that its adherents can tell a lie and smile at you the whole time they practice their “heavenly deception.”

The Mormons know from a hundred examples in history that if you tell a lie long enough, it somehow makes it true.

A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie until it isn’t a lie any more

This weekend, Newt Gingrich said because the Federal and Supreme courts have taken constitutional power away the Executive and Legislative Branches of government, they have the power to say that 2 plus 2 is 5 and it would become the law of the land. But it still doesn’t make it so..

Some lies that are now being accepted as truths

Islam Koran and Islam teach a religion of peace and respects all people
Israel Aggressors/murderers and occupiers of Palestinian lands
Congress: we know what we are doing. Your best interests are #1 concern
Mormonism: We are Christians, just like you.

Let’s Look at the Facts:

I am going to take you through some of the Mormon truths that they don’t share with the Mouws and the Bartons of the world. So that you cannot be accused of invention, every statement herein is fully supported by Mormon Scripture or Legal documents.

The Christianity of Mormonism

They claim they are the:

Only True Christians
Only True Church
Only True Jews
Only True Scripture
Only True Authority
Only true Prophet
Only true priesthood
Only true doctrine
Only Truth

The center of their faith: 

“as Man is, god once was, as god is, man may become”
The work of mankind is the Preparation for godhood :
This is the function and work of the LDS temples.

The core doctrines of Mormon Christianity:

# 1: Nature of God

Achieving Celestial Marriage Manual (abbreviated ACCM), p.129.
God was once a mortal man. He lived on a planet like our own. He experienced conditions similar to our own and advanced step by step.

Mormon Doctrine (abbreviated MD), p.322.
"Further, as the Prophet also taught, there is a god above the father of our Lord Jesus Christ...If Jesus Christ was the son of God, and John discovered that God the Father of Jesus Christ had a father also...Was there ever a son without a father?"

Doctrine and Covenants (abbreviated D&C) 130:22.
God has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's.

ACMM, p.129
God is now an exalted man with powers of eternal increase. He lives in an exalted Marriage relationship.

ACMM, p.129-130.
We are the literal Children of God, a part of his family unit. We lived with our heavenly parents before coming to earth.

ACMM, p.4. birth to spirit children and setting them on the road to exaltation. And if this is to be done, you must have an exalted man and an exalted woman.

MD, p.239
God continues to progress, as his creations expand and his spirit offspring multiply.

#2: Pre-existence and our First Estate

Book of Moses 3:5-7 (Pearl of Great Price, LDS Scripture)
Every form of life was created spiritually in Kolob first.

Book of Abraham 3:22-23 (Pearl of Great Price)
At first we were all spirit children, living in the presence of God, our heavenly father.

Jesus the Christ, Apostle James Talmage pp.15-16
Apostle James Talmage's detailed explanation of the primeval council of the Gods.

Book of Abraham 3:23-28 (Pearl of Great Price /LDS Scripture)
A Council called of all the leading spirits.

Book of Abraham 4:25-26
God proposed a plan for our progression. [Ed: to a council of “higher Gods for their approval]

Book of Abraham 3:24-26, Doctrine & Covenants 29:39.
That plan was for us to come to earth, gain physical bodies, learn good from evil and have the free agency to choose which we wanted to follow.

Moses 4:1-4, Abraham 3:27-28 (Pearl of Great Price)
Lucifer, our elder brother who desired the glory for himself, stood up and proposed his own plan.

Ensign (official Church magazine), December, 1980, pp.3-5.
"Jesus of Nazareth", Spencer W. Kimball, First Presidency Message:"His [Jesus'] trials were continuous. Perhaps his brother, Lucifer, had heard him say when he was still but a lad of 12, 'Whist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?'" (Luke 2:49)
"...Then came the time when Satan thought to trip him. Their encounter in the previous world had been on more equal terms, but now Jesus was young and Satan was experienced."

Moses 4:1-3 (Pearl of Great Price)
Lucifer's plan was to take away our free agency, force us to obey all the law. He wanted us to worship him.

Moses 4:2
Jesus stood and offered himself as our sin-offering, giving man his free agency and the chance to attain eternal glory, or godhood with heavenly father.

Abraham 3:28
All the council voted No to Lucifer and Yes to Jesus.

Abraham 3:28, D&C 29:36-37.
Lucifer, very angry, persuaded one-third of the spirit children to follow him and rebel against God and the plan of Jesus. They were cast from God's presence and sent to this earth without bodies of flesh and bone.

MD, p.828, D&C 29:36-41
Describes the war in heaven, Lucifer sent here to earth where he continues to battle against the saints.

MD, pp.526-528, Moses 5:16-41, 7:8-22.
Those who were least valiant in the pre-existence are known in mortality as negroes. They came to earth through the lineage of Cain, with black skin.

#3: The Creation of the Earth and our Second Estate

D&C 77:12, Moses 1:39, Abraham 3:19.
The earth was created, in the same fashion of many worlds, populated by intelligent people, in his image. Man would always be learning and growing.

Abraham 2:28
God tells Abraham about the “heavenly” control center, Kolob.

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 9:25-26, Alma 42:17-21.
The earth is controlled by eternal laws. If we break one, we must be punished.

Moses 4:29-31
Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden.

Moses 5:6-9
They learn that their transgression was necessary that man might live. Adam is baptized, received the Holy Ghost and the priesthood. He becomes the first patriarch.

MD, p.546-547.
Our Lord is the only Son of the Father in the flesh. Each word is to be understood literally. Christ was begotten by an immortal father in the same way that mortal men are begotten by mortal fathers.[ Ed: what this means is that God has sex with his daughter Mary]

MD, p.742.
God is an immortal personage, an exalted man...Christ is his literal son...there is nothing figurative about his paternity...He was begotten, conceived and born in the normal and natural course of events.

ACMM, p.235.
The Lord is now sending the Choicest Spirits to earth. "I see an improvement each few years in the young people of the church. I believe that you are the cream of all the spirits in the hosts of heaven and God has sent you here to do a great work." Mark E. Peterson (apostle) BYU address.

#4: GODHOOD Our Third Estate

MD, p.321
That exaltation which the saints of all ages have so devoutly sought is Godhood itself.

MD, p.321
"You have got to learn how to be gods yourselves...the same as all gods have done before you." (quoting Joseph Smith)

History of the Church, (HC) vol.6, p.306, by Joseph Smith.
My Father worked out His Kingdom with fear and trembling, and I must do the same; and when I get my kingdom, I shall present it to my Father, so that He may obtain Kingdom upon Kingdom, and it will exalt Him in glory. He will then take a higher exaltation, and I will take His place, and thereby become exalted myself.

ACMM, p.3.
If God became God by obedience to all of the gospel law with the crowning point being the celestial law of marriage, then that's the only way I can become a god. [answer] Right! [Ed: he had to earn his godhood and be approved for godhood by his god]

ACMM, p.203.
(12-15) The endowment is the celestial course of instruction...being enabled to give them the key words, the signs and tokens, pertaining to the priesthood and gain your eternal exaltation in spite of earth and hell.

D&C 124:28-36; 127:128; 128:15
Baptism for the dead/keys to the holy priesthood ordained so you may receive honor and glory. For their salvation [the dead] is necessary and essential to our salvation.

D&C 131.
Three degrees of glory, celestial the highest.

Moses 1:39
This is my [God's] work and my glory: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man

D&C 76:51-60, 70.
vs.51-53 list some of the requirements, vs.54-60, 70 list the rewards. They [temple Mormons] will be Kings and Priests and Gods

D&C 132:19-20.
Then shall they be Gods, they shall have all power, the angels are subject to them.

ACMM, pp.131-132.
(1-12) The Lord commands marriage.
(1-13) Exaltation is based on celestial marriage.
(1-14) Then shall they be Gods, because they have no end.
(1-15) Only resurrected and glorified Beings may become Parents of Spirit Offspring.
(1-17) Celestial marriage prepares men to be Kings and Priests unto God.
(1-18) Celestial marriage makes women Queens and Priestesses to their husbands.
(1-19) Celestial marriage makes it possible for us to claim our moral children in eternity as well as to propagate ourselves throughout eternity.

D&C 132:1-7, 27-35, 49, 61-64.
New and Everlasting Covenant [plural marriage]: Abide or be damned, etc. Law of the Priesthood/also the name of the temple covenant sworn by all the temple endowment sisters.

MD, p.529-530.
Celestial marriage is the new and everlasting covenant of (plural) marriage.


Come unto Christ, Melchizedek Priesthood Manual, 1984, pp.126-132.
If we get our salvation, we shall have to pass by him [Joseph Smith]; if we enter our glory, it will be through the authority that he has received. We cannot get around him.

D&C 1:17-18; 35:17.
God called Joseph Smith and commanded him to proclaim the gospel...Fullness of gospel set forth by Joseph Smith.

HC, vol.6, pp.408-409.
[Joseph Smith speaking] I have more to boast of than any man ever had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet.

HC, vol.6, p.78.
[Joseph Smith] I combat the error of ages; I meet the violence of mobs; ...I cut the Gordian knot of powers, and I solve mathematical problems of universities, with truth diamond truth; and God is my "right hand man."

HC, vol.6, p.319.
[Joseph Smith] God made Aaron to be the mouthpiece for the children of Israel, and He will make me to god to you in His stead, and the Elders to be mouth for me; and if you don't like it, you must lump it.

LDS Hymn Book, #147, 296, "Praise to the Man"
"Long shall his [Joseph Smith's] blood which was shed by assassins plead unto heaven while the earth lauds his fame."

LDS Hymn Book, "Joseph the Seer"
"He pleads their cause in the courts above...He died, he died for those he loved...He reigns, he reigns in the realms above...Unchanged in death with a Saviour's love, he pleads their cause in the courts above...The Saints, The Saints, his only pride, For them he lived, for them he died."

D&C 135:1-7.
To seal the testimony of this book (The D&C) and the Book of Mormon, we announce the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Hyrum Smith, the Patriarch...It shall be said of me, He was murdered in cold blood.

Joseph Smith, History 2:30-59 (Pearl of Great Price)
The story, in Joseph's own words, of the angel Moroni's visit, the uncovering of the gold plates and the eventual translation of the Book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith, History 2:55-56.
Joseph involved in treasure seeking.

Joseph Smith, History 2:17-20.
All Christian creeds were an abomination in [the LDS god's] sight, and all Christian professors were corrupt.

D&C 20:1-2
Joseph Smith commanded to organize the church.


The Christ of Mormonism is not the same Christ of the Bible.

2 Cor.11:3-5 tells us that there will be those who would teach a different Christ. Paul says of them, "For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ". There is a Biblical warning about those who would bring the doctrine of another Jesus and a simple test. Do the Mormons and their Jesus pass that test? No.

The Mormons have a difficult time understanding what actually happened at Calvary. In their pamphlet, WHAT THE MORMONS THINK OF CHRIST, we see the problem. In the section, The Blood of Christ (page 22 in the 1976 edition), we read:
"Christians speak often of the blood of Christ and its cleansing power. Much that is believed and taught on this subject, however, is such utter nonsense and so palpably false that to believe it is to lose one’s salvation. For instance, many believe or pretend to believe that if we confess Christ with our lips and avow that we accept him as our personal savior, we are thereby saved. They say that his blood, without any other act than mere belief, makes us clean.
"What is the true doctrine of the blood of Christ? Salvation comes because of the atonement, and the atonement was wrought through the shedding of the blood of Christ. In Gethsemane Christ sweat great drops of blood from every pore when he conditionally took upon himself the sins of the world, and then the shedding of his blood was completed upon the cross."

The LDS Church teaches in its Articles of Faith, Article 3,
"We believe that through the atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel.”

The Mormon Jesus has been stripped of his unique Deity and his sacrifice on the cross has been robbed of its power. Theirs is a tragically bloodless Christ, whose death only brought us immortality, NOT eternal life. Their Jesus forces us under laws, ordinances and an all-too-human priesthood. This is not the "Good News" of the Bible.

In the early LDS church, there was a more orthodox Christ preached. But, when Joseph began to teach the strange doctrines of this different Christ, one without the redemptive powers, the church could no longer deal with the reality of the blood of Calvary and its full redemptive work. That was when the church removed the red wine from the communion table and went to water. This act literally washed away the reality of the blood from its basically Christian converts. The same holds true today. The cross and the blood have become strangers to the saints.

#7: Another Salvation

Mormonism teaches that there are two separate levels of salvation. Bruce R. McConkie clarifies the LDS distinction between these two LDS salvations, the general and individual salvation:

1. Unconditional or general salvation, that which comes by grace alone without obedience to gospel law, consists in the mere fact of being resurrected. In this sense, salvation is synonymous with immortality. This kind of salvation eventually comes to all mankind, excepting only the sons of perdition.

2. Conditional or individual salvation, that which comes by grace coupled with gospel obedience, consists in receiving an inheritance in the celestial kingdom of God. This kind of salvation follows faith, repentance, baptism, receipt of the Holy Ghost, and continued righteousness to the end of one's mortal probation (Doctrine and Covenants 20:29; 2 Nephi 9:23,24 BOM).

Even those in the celestial kingdom, however, who do not go on to exaltation will have immortality only and not eternal life. Along with those of the telestial and terrestrial worlds they will be "ministering servants, to minister for those who are worthy of a far more, and an exceeding, and an eternal weight of glory." They will live "separately and singly" in an unmarried state "without exaltation, in their saved condition, to all eternity" (Doctrine and Covenants 132:16-17).

3. Salvation in its true and full sense is synonymous with exaltation or eternal life and consists in gaining an inheritance in the highest of the three heavens within the celestial kingdom. With few exceptions, this is the salvation of which the scriptures speak. It is the salvation which the saints seek. . . . This full salvation is obtained in and through the continuation of the family unit in eternity, and those who obtain it are gods (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 669-70).

When Mormons claim to be saved, it only means that they have gained this general resurrection. Beyond this, everything in the LDS "plan of salvation" is by works (Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 3:1257).
Thus, to meet a Mormon on his own terms, one must ask the important question, "Do you have eternal life?" Mormons believe that eternal life is exaltation, the highest degree of salvation. Few, if any, Mormons dare to presume this eternal life.
Jesus bore our sins at Gethsemane according to Mormonism. The early quotes are like this one: "Forgiveness is available because Christ the Lord sweat great drops of blood in Gethsemane as he bore the incalculable weight of the sins of all who ever had or ever would repent...In a garden called Gethsemane, outside Jerusalem's walls, in agony beyond compare, he took upon himself the sins of all men on condition of repentance" (The Promised Messiah, LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, p. 337 & 552.)

#8: MORMONISM : Christian Churches are all False!

Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith 2:19.
"I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; and those professors were all corrupt

McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 670.
"This Church is the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth." Doctrine and Covenants 1:30. "There is no salvation outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

Orson Pratt, The Seer, p. 255.
"All other churches are entirely destitute of all authority from God; and any person who receives Baptism or the Lord's Supper from their hands will highly offend God; for He looks upon them as the most corrupt of all people. Both Catholics and Protestants are nothing less than the whore of Babylon."

Is Mormonism Christian?
I think not!
It has:

A different God

A different Jesus

A different Holy Spirit

A different Salvation

A different Scripture

A different origin

A different heaven

A different Eternity

Sorry, Mitt Romney, but you and your church are not Christians!

The Dallas Pastor was right.

Ed Decker

This website,, has much more information on the Mormon cult and other cults.  

Let's not try to play games with the Lord when we vote. That is what got this nation into the evil shape it's now in.  If you want to vote for a Luciferian cult leader, at least be honest about it.